[Digital Single] IU – Telecinema Project Vol. 6

Title: Telecinema Project Vol. 6
Artist: IU
Conductor: LOEN Entertainment
Release Date: 2010.02.24
Language: Korean
Total Size: 8.2 MB


1. Fifth Fingers 다섯째 손가락

My Rating: 9/10

She sounds so soft and cute. Due to the melody of the song, it’s okay to sing in a soft, not in the strong way that she is capable at. I really enjoy this song, it goes like a lullaby song that I need to hear in every night before going to sleep. I would like to repeat it and fantasized in my mind. ^^ *really flow well*. The line, “I love you I need you” is such a gorgeous melody^^ you should hear it guys. Especially fr you who like a soft ballad.com

credits: kaboomza.