[Album] Lee Seung Gi – Shadow


Title: The 4th Album  Shadow
Artist: Lee Seung Gi
Release date: 2009.09.17
Conductor: Loen Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 79.12 MB

  1. 꽃처럼 Like A Flower
  2. 면사포 Wedding Veil
  3. 우리 헤어지자 Let’s Break Up
  4. Melody
  5. 사랑이 맴돈다 Love Spinning Round
  6. 사랑이란 Love Is
  7. 그렇게 알게 됐어 I Got To Know It That Way
  8. 널 원해 Want You
  9. 단념 Despair
  10. 오래오래오 Long, Long Time (feat. AMEN)

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My Rating: 4.5/10

out of all his album, this is the better one XP