[single] Zuno – Beginning 1st Single

Title: Beginning 1st Single
Artist: Zuno
Conductor: BIAS (not so sure)
Release date: 2010.03.28
Language: Chinese
Total Size: MB


01 Nothing To Lose (放开我 팡카이워)
02 I Love You (我爱你 워아이니)

My Rating: 6/10

^^nice rating for a new comer. When I heard about his debut in music, I do think that he has a same voice like his dolphinie brother Xiah Junsu, but it’s not. Zuno’s voice is what so called husky maybe and he sounds quite nice.

Track 1 – it’s upbeat. The rapper sound so cool and even I do think he did the rap too much. hahaha.. Zuno’s voice is quite match for chinese. I do hope he would sing in Korea^^. The line when he said “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH” make me getting red.. gee, who teach him? Junsu XD.. LOL.

Track 2 – It’s a ballad song. There is a word Saranghaeyo that I only know and understand^^ It’s boring in the first time, I dunho I will give a chance more or not. Quite busy to listening music.

This is my brother-in-law.. hahahaha, clarify, I mean this is Xiah Junsu’s twin brother. He is so cool, ne??

credits: jenpoo.com


Title: 3rd Single – BANG!
Artist: After School
Conductor: Pledis Entertainment
Release date: 2010.03.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 27 MB


1. Let’s Do It
2. BANG!
3. With U
4. BANG! (instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10

Great single!!!!! They didn’t fail the previous single.^^ This is still a wonderful single, just like before. OMG! No wonder that they should be success…

They gain their number slowly, right? Start from 5 then 6? 7? and now…… 8! Geezzz… weird agency. Why that agency didn’t just make a new group again? Rather than submitted them slowly into their hit girlgroup. Well, I don’t understand.. they called it’s a new student! Yeah a new student for after school. Make sure that you didn’t skip the class, guys. LOL

Track 1 Let’s Do It – this is match to their drumline concept. I think maybe it’s just an intro, not grab so long duration. I like this track, such a wonderful marching band track. I think that’s Beka or Gahee who randomly get along with it.

Track 2 BANG! – this is what so called perfection? The male rap in the first is so yummy XD. They bring the drumline concept in an attractive way. If you would listen to the less vocal (instrumental) track, you can hear clearly there is  a cool drum get along with it. Since they gain their number, I feel they sound a bit girly. The girls sound very catchy, girly and sweet chanting sound like KARA or SNSD a bit. I love it, like that words “T-R-Y, do it now, can you follow me, yes, uh-uh, T-R-Y, pick it up, you’ll never catch me, oh no” I think perhaps it goes like that. Ommonie!!! Totally got addicted to this song. But… Gahee and Bekah should make the rap a bit longer..T_T I really love these female rappers. ^^

Track 3 With U –  With U? It’s just a classic title, can they find another title? Hey! This world consist of so many words, just take it as a granted from the world and do well in order to make such a non-boring title. *error statements* Whatever with the title!! Let’s begin now! it begin with the piano tune^^. Yes, the beautiful smooth vocalists dominated it. It would make a boring impression in the first, but don’t worry. Please follow it until end, you’ll cry or get sobbed. T_T

Credtis: Cloud_Honey@Boajjang

[Single] Tohoshinki – Toki Wo Tomete

Title: The 30th Single – Toki Wo Tomete
Artist: Tohoshinki
Release date: 2010.03.24
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 56.32 MB


1. Toki Wo Tomete
2. CHECKMATE [feat. U-know Yunho]
3. Toki wo Tomete (Never End Remix)
4. Toki Wo Tomete [Less Vocal]
5. CHECKMATE [Less Vocal]

My Rating: 10/10

OMMONA!!! I am really fond to this single. Just like how they did to their T.R.I.C.K promotion before, they release this kind of single again featured a solo song from Yunho after the previous single featured Junsu’s solo song.

*^^* CHECKMATE [feat. Yunho] – It’s HIP HOP!! this is the solo song from Yunho. OMG, he is totally different. The beat is really catchy and addicted. Yunho knows how to bring his bass voice in a good way, yeah that falsetto really unique.  Especially in that part of the line “Stand by Meeeee…..” . Such a tremble falsetto. XD And excellent rap. SO FRESH!! That “Hey Girl, Kiss To Me, KISS” is kinda forcing. Haha… If a guy like YUnho would force me like that, I am surely I will… XD

Oh Man, I love everytime the guy said “Lady”. He is just my type in this song. I love his way to addressing the girl as “Lady”. He sounds very sexy!!!!!!! That “woooow” in the end sound like MICHAEL JACKSON.. !!OH GOD!!! I’m carzy over this song. Totally love this version over the korean version.

*^^* Toki Wo Tomete – it’s a warm song with full of ballad and beautiful melody. Yunho’s part sound like his part in Forever Love. ^^They all sound retardedly slow and showing so many powerful high notes. Proud of Jaejoong and Junsu. ^^ Junsu sound like an expert and what-so-called like a master from Jaejoong’s last high note in the end. He is amazing. It’s quite repetitive  a bit after a while. The chorus is addicted but yeah.. I think they shouldn’t repeat it in a plenty times.

*^^*Toki WoTomete (Never End Remix) – Aww.. I really love this version.  It’s okay with the super long duration. It’s a good song for you who love the slow-oldies melody or maybe great ballad as the major. It sound a bit old in the beat, just like a song in 80-90s.  The clock’s sound in the first is pretty match to the title to Stop The Time. There is nothing different in their voice. they sill sound well as always, maybe they have been sounded very well ever since they were born XD.

credits: jenpoo.com

[Album] CN Blue – Thank U

Title: Thank U
Artist: CN Blue
Release date: 2010.03.20
Conductor: Ai Entertainment Inc
Language: Japanese, English
Total Size: 64  MB

  1. Intro
  2. Let’s Go Crazy
  3. Love Revolution
  4. Wanna be Like U
  5. Never too late
  6. Now or Never
  7. voice
  8. Just Please
  9. Y, Why
  10. Teardrops in the Rain
  11. One of a Kind
  12. a.ri.ga.tou.

.:Download full-album:.

Not finish it yet. But the track NOW OR NEVER is really interesting. I love it so much, kind familiar.

[MP3] CN Blue – I’m A Loner (Remix)

Title: I’m A Loner (Remix)
Artist: CN Blue
Album: – (I’m not sure^^)
Conductor: Mnet Media
Language: Korean
Size: 9.8 MB


1. I’m A Loner (remix)

My Rating: 10/10

What the hell that makes me so confuse to not post this before. hehe.. ^^ This is the first song that I listen to them. I love this remix, though it’s not a bid different from the real version. The difference is just the intro, this one is more Rockingzz… the intro is nice rock. I love it so much^^

[PV] Tohoshinki – Toki Wo Tomete (Stop The Time)


Title: Toki Wo Tomete (Stop The Time)
Artist: Tohoshinki
Album: The 30th single Toki Wo Tomete
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 73 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

Nice to see they filmed it together. Jaejoong would appear first with his shine golden hair. Yunho just looks like he was in the Forever Love MV. His haircut maybe makes him look like that. So nice and it seems like he back on that time.^^Junsu just keep in how he always look, I still love him.^^Changmin also didn’t change as much, but I do want to see his haircut like his appearance in Paradise Meadow. ^^ He looked so young and handsome there. The one that catch my impression the most is YOOCHUN oppa^^.. ommona, he is very good looking here. I like the way his hair like that and when he got a close up about a half or his body, Man… this guy is so interesting. So sexy.^^ I hope he would keep in like this way for a while. *since like he is the one that like to change his fashion too soon and too often*

I don’t catch the storyline as much. I just saw a lady-in-high-heel turned. She looks a bit older than the boys. And I also feel the night sky, just like their background. The star and space. Maybe they considered it as the way to Stop The Time..haha It’s only my stupid random thought. XD. I only saw that the lady-in-high-heel was like reminiscing her lover. Like when she hang around, taking the picture and when he gave her a ring. Aww.. it’s so warm story. She is melted in that story right when she closed her eyes and she felt her lover was right beside her, but he dissapear in the end. The MV didn’t show who’s her lover, the camera just shooted him in the back or even shooted the girl from his angle, so he didn’t show his face as much.

Overall,….. ehh, hey… I feel that I have a good point of review today. Haha.. yeah because sometimes I feel that my review is so messy and not structural. XD hehe.. please!!

OVERALL, I enjoy this warm MV, just like back in the time of Forever Love. I do feel the same like I watch that MV about 2 years ago. So soft and lovely, cassiopeia would love this.

Credits: Baidu + kokayz.livejournail.com
Upload Credit: kokayz.livejournal.com