[Digital Single] Amerie feat. 4Minute & BEAST Jun Hyung – Heard ‘Em All (Remix)

Title: Heard ‘Em All (Remix)
Artist: Amerie feat. 4Minute & Jun Hyung (from BEAST)
Release date: 2009.02.18
Language: English & Korean
Total Size: 8 MB


  1. Heard ‘Em All (Remix)

My Rating: 10/10

Amerie sings in english while 4Minute and Jun Hyung are in korean. Mostly kinda korean song, 4Minute have a big part and Amerie sound like how the korean always added some english in their line. The beat is really excellent, good to hear it when you got a dance. They play safely in this song, such a beautiful voice revealed with a light and simple beat. I think I just heard BEAST Jun Hyung in the last part, what the hell to bring them him in the ending part only. Heh!!

I really love it after listen to it in a big time.

[Album] IU – Growing Up

My Rating: 8/10
Title: Growing Up
Artist: IU
Conductor: LOEN Entertainment
Release Date: 2009.04.22
Language: Korean
Total Size: 126.34 MB


01. 바라보기 (To Look At)
02. Boo
03. 가여워 (Poor Thing)
04. A Dreamer
05. Every Sweet Day
06. 미아 (Missing Child)
07. 나 말고 넷 (Not Me, But Four)
08. 있잖아
09. 졸업하는 날 (Day of Graduation)
10. Feel So Good
11. 미운 오리
12. 마주보기 (바라보기 그 후)
13. 미아 ~Missing Child~ [Acoustic Ver.]
14. 있잖아 ~You See…~ ( Rock Ver.)
15. Boo [Instrumental]
16. 가여워 ~Poor Thing~ [Instrumental]

She came with a good album. Overall I enjoy her voice so much, it’s felt so creamy and relaxed 😀 . lol . IU is truely a talented female solo nowadays. Good in singing, instrument and has a pretty face, Such one package.

It’s been awhile, I won’t make a particular review for every songs, it’s so tiring -,- fiiuuhhh…

Poor Thing is a nice ballad, Day of Graduation is so enjoyable song, while catchy songs come from Boo and Not Me But Four.


credit: Kpop World