[Digital Single] Wheesung feat. D.O – We’re Not Crazy

Title: We’re Not Crazy
Artist: Wheesung & D.O
Release date: 2008.05.27
Conductor: Orange Shock
Language: Korean
Total Size: 18 MB


  1. We’re Not Crazy [feat. D.O.]
  2. We’re Not Crazy [less vocal]
  3. We’re Not Crazy (original version) [feat. D.O.]

My Rating: 10/10

Oh My Gold, this Wheesung’s powerful voice. @_@! I can say that this is the first song that I listen to him when it released. Such an old stuff but I like to recall it so I upload it here^^. I heard it in the radio when Wheesung released it. I think nobody took their ear to this song except me (T_^) since there was no request for the song except me everytime the announcer aired the song. ^^ But the music director of that radio broadcast said that this is his favourite song. J Yeah..that MD always has a same sense with me. R&B lover. Well, don’t waste the time to talk about that radio, let’s back to Wheesung, hehe.

*We’re Not Crazy* – The way it start is so relaxed, I love that harmonization. Then Wheesung came to knock down. His voice is over that. His adlib is covering the song. The is no big different between the track 1 with the track 3. I just found that in the adlib session, in the track 1 Wheesung got to say “crazy” while he said “fuckin’ crazy” in the track 3. Hehe..I think it’s not good for to use the word F*** so he released the edit version as the promoted track as well as he also bring the original version that sound better of me, hihi.

He tried a lot of adlibs and amazing vibration here. If you are a high pitch freak like me, please check into this song. The adlib is amazing, such a long breath and never ending vibration.

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