[Single] SECRET – I Want You Back


Title: The First Single – I Want You Back
Artist: SECRET
Release date: 2009.10.13
Language: Korean
Total Size: 17.7  MB

1. 3 years 6 months
2. I Want You Back

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My Rating: 9/10

The first track is an amazing ballad. They prove their vocal ability, the vocalist reminds me to Ye Eun. huhu..miss Wonder Girl T_T.

And the piano tune never failed me^^. It’s excellent, I have a feeling that they will improve it more^^ and the track I Want You Back is a bit catchy and pop, the rapper is so cool. Kinda Pang Jung Ah.hehe.. enjoy it. They re excellent.


[Album] BoA – Identity


Title: The7th Japanese Album – Identity
Artist: BoA
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release date: 2010.02.10
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 102 MB

01 This Is Who I Am
03 BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
05 Interlude#1
06 Is this love
07 Mamoritai ~White Wishes~
08 Interlude#2
09 ネコラブ
10 THE END そして and… (album ver.)
11 Possibility duet with Miura Daichi
12 Fallin’
13 My All

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My Rating: 7/10

When I listen to it. It’s a bit boring. So many boring tracks. The only hit Possibility that sound like a masterpiece but the others are so boring. Maybe I can say THE END Soshite and…. is nice for me, but the next tracks..I can’t help.  She doesn’t bring a huge number of tracks of full song. 2 interludes are so useless.

*::* Possibility – 10/10 just for this song. This is was so much influenced by Miura Daichi’s music style. It’s not like it’s BoA’s style as much, this is so contrast with the other track. It goes to Miura’s music more for me. Especially the tune and the beat, kinda Miura’s song. ^^ Well, the two are in the same label roof and they’re a dance singer, so it’s not a big problem. It’s not even a problem XD. I really love this song. So enjoy it and the R&B soul work really well in my heart. It’s a relief when I got stress. BoA and Miura are so compatible in singing. Such a great duet.

*::* THE END soshite and….(album version) – the intro is a bit useless, untill the piano appeared it goes to be a good song then. And wow….it’s 7:10 minute. Seems like BoA spends a lot of her duration just for this song. I don’t mean that this is a spectacular song. It’s ballad and I just love the way it start and the piano in the front and in the end of course. And I can hear BoA’s voice in a clear way. I don’t like the way she sing so-so like this. She has been sung so many great ballads with a powerfull petite and excellent voice, but this one didn’t show her skill as much.

*::* Is This Love – When I heard it, I feel like it’s an enjoyable and relaxed song like her previous “Long Time No See”. She has a good interpretation to the song. I really enjoy it.

*::* LAZERS – it start like a video game’s anthem. It’s a great R&B dance track through BoA’s excellent voice. But the instrument is a bit messy, I like the beat but there is something like lazer (not the sound like the intro) that sound so messy. If anybody would remix this song, please deleted that messy sound through the instrument. This instrument is kinda a merge between an R&B beat and the anime theme. I just like the R&B beat.

*::* Easy – another messy upbeat song again. BoA sound like she wanna sing in a rock way but she didn’t. That “La la la la la” is so boring and sound so lazy. She get improved her english skill in this song. She sound good and different in english lines.

*::* This Is Who I Am – it’s kinda jazz. I can’t get into the song. She still sound well through the melody and instrument, that words “Listen To My heart” is so memoriable. Surprised that she said it again in this new stuff. I quite glad that she can interprated this song, I think it’s a hard song to understand. Because the melody and the note is unexpectable.

*::* My All – it’s not a big special ballad with a long duration 5:38. But quite show her skill in an excellent voice.

*::* Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ – The melody is so simple. Not a big special and easy to be expected. So repetitive in the end. This is such a decent song. Quite pleased me a bit.

*::* FALLIN’ – The intro sound well. The digital effect is a trash, and the chorus is just for a singer that can’t sing. BoA who has a great vocal anility doesn’t need a rubbish digital effect like that. How can they treat the great singer like BoA for a song like this. It just will make BoA down to fail. The sound like siren or horn or whatever it’s called in the chorus is so annoying. It’s so monotone and boring.

*::* ネコラブ – what’s that B-O-A annoying backsound?? Get useless for it. It’s distracted sound. The way she start the chorus is so familiar. Kinda familiar song. Can’t recall waht’s that. She used a lot of english lines in this song. I love the random narration, just like “hey” or whatever that is!

*::* BUMP BUMP! – when she released this song, I got interested with the title but I have beend expected that she will released such a boring and so-so upbeat song. Just like this. I don’t know why her japanese stuff are going so boring and so down right now. Is that Verbal her customer rapper?? He always rapped for BoA in a plenty times. Overall, I don’t like this song, the annoying saxophone and the melody is too so-so. Eventhough I have watch the MV but I’m still in my shoes. So boring for me.

credits: kyo_jieming2000
Soulboa@BoAunion (pls credit properly if taking out anywhere)