[Single] Tohoshinki – Break Out

Title: The 29th single – Break Out
Artist: Tohoshinki
Release date: 2010.01.27
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 49.7 MB


1. Break Out
2. XIAHTic [feat. Junsu]
3. Break Out (New Jack Swing Remix)
4. Break Out (less vocal)
5. XIAHTic (less vocal)

My Rating: 10/10

I do think that they would attached Toki Wo Tomete in this single too, but..ehhh..that song is so fuzzy!

I arrage it from the top to the least. First, I’m so sorry because I can’t help to join the 500 copy project to support this unpromoted single, ^^ As a cassiopeia, I just give a lot of wishes and smile ^_____^!

^^ XIAHTic – Yez, right. Eventhough I listen to the whole single in a million times, my love still goes on to this track^^. Junsu has a powerful voice, eventhough Key isn’t here, Junsu still give us a sensational dance track. Bad luck, it still sound good eventhough he doesn’t sing in a good english accent. Hahaha…*smash* . I really love this song, so do the korean. the beat makes me wanna dance,..wanna dance with Junsu of course, hehe.

^^Break Out – all cassiopeian look like really love this song, unexcept me. I love it. To be the truth, when I watch the Mv and listen to it, it was not a big amazing track I guess, especially the intro distracted me a lot, but when I learn into the full song, I begin to love it. The beat is really nice^^

^^Break Out (New jack swing remix) – It start from the intro of Yoochun’s part, then the instrument begin. Ommo..it’s a nice remix. More slower than the original version, but it is still match to the song. I bet, this is such a good remix from their entire remix song before. Yeah.. they don’t disappoint me. Formerly, I also have a bad rating for their remix song because it’s not even a good remix but destroyed the song XD, but this one.. it help me to gain more rating. Dude! they gave a good stuff without a promotion.

credits: koreanview

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