[Perf.] Tae Yang – Only Look At Me + Wedding Dress [live at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009-12-29]

Title: Only Look At Me + Wedding Dress
Artist: Tae Yang (from Big Bang)
Album: Only Look At Me [digital single], Wedding Dress [digital single]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 51.6 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Sorry for this quite late update. I’m still searching a good mood. Hehe..^^ This is such a good of my come back, ne? Let’s start it.

He start it in a good way. As how he always attract me, he plays piano for the ONLY LOOK AT ME performance. Ommmooooo….! I think it was  a slow version of that song. Eventhough he remix it in a softer and more at ballad, I would love it more. The piano tune and the soft beat is really match more than the original version. I think that’s why he didn’t dance, and the other reasons are for recognizing his paino skill and vocal ability, beside the next song will have a full dance performance. *curious,ne?* Hehe.. I’m a girl with a huge obsession with the piano tune, and this guy….. how I supposed to describe my varioust feeling when I saw a good looking guy sat in front of the polished piano and press it note by note. How beautiful… I get melted about it!! *recall for the performance last year when my dear JUNSU had a piano battle with Taeyang..T_T*

Next it, “Wedding Dress”… Taeyang suddenly stood up while still looked down to piano. He has a solo dance for a moment till his voice took an echo like “Wedding Dress…” and all the audience start to cheer him up and scream. He sang it live while some part was still backing vocal by his own recorded vocal. Yeah.. I can’t judge him. This is a hard song to handle it alone. There is no space except the special dance part. He has gaven all the best, he didn’t sound breathless eventhough he dance like crazy. Taeyang is totally a good singer and performer^^ . Anyway, I am quite jealous for the wedding theme dance part. I much prefer he dance like the MV version but this one.. what the heck that girl come from??? She is too tall, she covered Taeyang’s standard height. Hahahaa..*get kicked* and her outfit…..errrghhh… such a clown *what kind of clown??*

Credits: kpopwebdownload

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