[PV] BoA feat. Miura Daichi – Possibility


look like Jaejoong’s haircut, right?? hehehee…. *I’m BoJoong victim*

Title: Possibility
Artist: BoA, Miura Daichi
Album: pre-release “Identity” [Album]
File Type: flv & avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 22.5 MB & 25 MB
Download: Mediafire, Mediafire 2 [25 MB with subtitle]

My Rating: 10/10

Got so addicted to the song… I can’t wait for the full album.

In the beginning, I thought it would be great. But.. it’s great of course. Haha XD. They dance really cool. I can catch the storyline. So beautiful. They showed it with the dance move and gesture it just in that place.That Miura Daichi was considered as Japanese Michael Jackson. No wonder about his style and you need to watch he dance, guys. He is comparale with our gentle girl BoA^^.

unusually, I think BoA didn’t change any outfit in this MV. She just use one. She looked pretty damn manly. haha…*starting again* I repeat my words. She is such a gentle girl, she looked so cool while dancing and that short haircut. Pretty match to her. But truthfully guys…. I learn to take my eyes on her in this MV, then I realize… her haircut reminds me to Jaejoong’s haircut. haha.. *BoJOong obsession*..

credit: BoANOSS (azn_denny @Boajjang)