[PV] Tohoshinki – Break Out!


Title: Break Out
Artist: Tohoshinki
Album: pre-release “Break Out” [single]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 127 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 5/10

I can’t help again. I guess it would be good, but it was kinda disappointed me. As the other cassies said, I also think that the boys filmed it individually, without showing theirself together, and no dance move eventhough the song is really up-beat. If I only knew what I know today, I won’t download it cause it hurt. T_T cause they have been hiatus for the several hell month and when they made a new release, it fail me. I can’t do anything…., it more hurt me when they didn’t serve me in a good stuff like they always do. I feel bad..! I can’t be like this but the circumstance force me to be like this. I’m sorry for being so straighforward. -_-

Maybe it’s not a big worst today, it still containt some good elements. The song is getting grow well on my ear, the beat knock me down. It’s cool. But I do think that I feel such a pain eventhough they have the up-beat song. Maybe sometimes they showed their cool eyes and face the camera with no-smile, but this no-smile looked so sad. It’s different like they always do in the other MV. Huhu….! however the boys still looked so cool and warm. For the truth, Yoochun oppa looked so fresh in my eyes, with that short hairstyle, he is very very good looking and he got smile to the camera, I bet he is the only one who did it. Minnie oppa looked so young, just like the maknae should be. Jaejoong oppa…hmmm I think he dressed to thick, haha.. this guy has a smooth body, he should reveal it a bit eventhough it’s winter, maybe he can use a sexy warm outfit. Hahaha..*dirty mind*… Uknow oppa looked like he’s getting cold. XD what the heck to say he is in a bad cold, and for my dearest the only one Junsu, he dressed too nice.. XD., he looked good with that outfit eventhough some kinda awkward ,..hahahaa.. and let me catch something better with his appearance, I really feel he looked more mature *of course he is more mature* and he is too nice with that style…Overall love him.

I put a big eyes for the visual effect, I really appreciate it. The several hands that try to grab Jaejoong, the setting interior, the young wedding couple, mysterious girl, old man and what the hell that the old man really resemble to Junsu. .damn..*I hope it’s just a weird feeling* I mean it that the music video director really made it so special to covered the lack of the video that the boys can’t filmed it together and there is no dance move. Proud for the music video director. He/She save the group for this decent video.

2 thoughts on “[PV] Tohoshinki – Break Out!

  1. Ari says:

    I was kind of dissapointed when I saw their mv to this song. I mean, I am thinking the same, that they have been shot this mv individual >.<

    But I still like the song, I cannot really say why, maybe bc its up-beat. I really love that song and I have bought both single versions. I just hope, they will release more this year and good stuff as well ❤

    I like mv but its just sad that they aren't dancing together in it ~~ but after all I really like that song =)

  2. youngladyjunsu says:

    The same here!! I begin to like the song. Maybe because the beat work well on my ear!!^^
    Hope they performed it live… !

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