[Album] BoA – US Debut

Title: The 1st US Album (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2009.09.25
Language: English
Total Size: 103.65 MB

01. Energetic [Radio Edit]
02. Control
03. Crazy About
04. I Did It for Love
05. Did Ya
06. Look Who’s Talking
07. Eat You Up
08. Obsessed
09. Touched
10. Scream
11. Girls on Top
12. Dress Off
13. Hypnotic Dancefloor
14. Energetic

.:Download full-album:.

My Rating: 9/10

It’s a good US debut. She sound really good like always. The containt are almost in upbeat hip-hop tracks. Gee.. She sound like she merge her style into the US Pop music. ^^ Yaa.. eventhough she has an accent in her english, but she has improved it a lot.

I would like the song entitle “Eat You Up” the most. I also love “Dress Off” that sound so up-beat. Kinda weird, I’m not so crazy over the hit “I Did It For Love”. Maybe it work for a while because she promoted it and the MV is great, but it doesn’t help me to love it more. XP

I’m sorry for the bad mood, truthfully I want review it one by one but I lose my mood and the snail connection is really heartquaking. Urrrrrrrr…..

Both new added songs are in the same type of music. US Pop Music. (–,). Truthfully she releaseed this repackaged in different date due to the different country. I choose that 2009.09.25 based on it was my birthday too. Hahaha…Ommo..how dare I didn’t notice it before, it should be my favourite fact  in my birthday history. XD

>: Control – She sound like she sang in the far distance cause I don’t hear her vocal in a good way. Quite hard to like this song. I just gotta hit by the last part, the instrument sound really good.

>: Crazy About – This is better than Control. I love this song so much. I like the R&B rhythm and she back into her good vocal quality. Though it’s still so monotone and the theme of the lyric is not a big special or creative. I have heard for how many time about the song that voiced “crazy about you, so in love with you, because of you, be with you, and the least I miss you.” Yeah….Quite bored me then.

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