[Artwork] Princess Deokman and Se Ju Mishil

Attention!! These artworks are mine. It’s just distributed by this blog only!!  so if you found it in other site without a credit, it means that they stole it from me!!! DON’T HOTLINK OR SPREAD IT OUT!!


I feel fail to make this. The face didn’t capture any sense like Princess Deokman (Lee Yo Won). I am in dying frustated to fix it, but the finishing part is quite hard. I need to learn more. I feel I have lose my talent…T_T


Because I’m not satisfied with the first artwork, I try to improve myself with the second artwork. I feel better with this one. The face is really similar like the original picture. She looked beautiful and how I describe that I love the Princess dress. ^^


Maybe you can see that this one is similar to Mishil or not. I just try my best. Hope you like it. I really enjoy to created the dress. Love it and the color is so nice. Really match for Mishil.


see… this is the hidden step when I made it. You can judge me that I’m a fool to fix it in a plenty times to make it better and what the heck that the princess pict are really hard to make it similar with the original. Geezz….

I want to try it again… I hope I have a time since the school time is back. T_T



edited in 2011.07.21

haii… I just read this post again because it was awaken again since Queen Seondeok aired again in my country. .. sorry for sounding a bit insatiable 😀 that’s my bad, I used to have pressure everytime doing portrait drawing. Doing portrait is really hard. When you draw everything you want, fantasizing and playing with your imagination, it has nothing wrong or right about it.

But doing portrait drawing, it’s really different. When the result can’t make similar with the original face, I feel a bit lose, dissatisfied and disappointed. But it’s weird because I still love doing it again and again 😀 

it’s a lesson to learn, dont make it as pressure, just let it go as you move your hand on the paper, keep control with eyes, make your hand translate what your eyes see then drop it into your paper. Dont hesitate, dont worry, you won’t being punished, there’s nothing wrong or right. Keep trying, the more you find mistake the more you learn and improve 🙂


27 thoughts on “[Artwork] Princess Deokman and Se Ju Mishil

  1. devi says:

    hen,,, gmbarmu bgs bgt…
    inget y,, nnti pas akhir kpngurusan kta,, buat gmbarna k ananta… hehehe

    heny baek deh.. hohoho

  2. MeWAsHERe says:

    Wow!!! your artwork is really great! you shouldn’t be so insatiable with it because you can make your drawings look like the original pictures and this really means something, but I don’t doubt that you know how valuable they are. I love them! Well done! 😀

  3. youngladyjunsu says:

    I don’t know that I sound so insatiable.. haha LOL. I just think that I have tried a plenty times to fix it and to make it better.
    thankz for the comment. So appreciate it.
    I hope I can make a new one again ..

  4. MeWAsHERe says:

    Well, you did sound insatiable (to me, at least). It would be great if you tried to draw Bi-Dam. I tried once and the eyes were perfect but I just couldn’t make his mouth look as the one from the original picture… and I gave up. I would like to see more of your artwork!

  5. lyzza says:

    Woaa .. Your great . Mishil’s pic is the one i like the most . the face is exactly Mishil and the dress is nice and colorful 🙂

  6. Hwarang_Alcheon says:

    your drawings are great…can you teach me?..ehehehehhe..i also like to draw..can you give me some tips?…ehhehe

  7. nayoung you says:

    OMG I was shockeddd looking at this! That is beautiful! You’re really talented hun ^^
    and what do you mean about the first one? That’s really nice too

  8. youngladyjunsu says:

    OMG~ I just notice your comment after a long time, 😀 sorry ..
    tips? Drawing portrait is really hard, it need a lot of practice. the key is ‘keep trying’ , it will improve your skill as you learn trouble by trouble that you got. Look with the heart as well as with eyes too. thankz

  9. youngladyjunsu says:

    it’s a bit distress when I made the first one 😀 .. so much trouble, I feel a bit hard to capture her face with the pose like that, I mean I made mistake several times while doing the face because the pose made me hard to draw her face.
    with the pose like that it’s a bit risky to make, if I made just a little mistake, it would make her look like another people. So I felt so much trouble doing her face .. haha

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