[Artwork] Princess Deokman and Se Ju Mishil

Attention!! These artworks are mine. It’s just distributed by this blog only!!  so if you found it in other site without a credit, it means that they stole it from me!!! DON’T HOTLINK OR SPREAD IT OUT!!


I feel fail to make this. The face didn’t capture any sense like Princess Deokman (Lee Yo Won). I am in dying frustated to fix it, but the finishing part is quite hard. I need to learn more. I feel I have lose my talent…T_T


Because I’m not satisfied with the first artwork, I try to improve myself with the second artwork. I feel better with this one. The face is really similar like the original picture. She looked beautiful and how I describe that I love the Princess dress. ^^


Maybe you can see that this one is similar to Mishil or not. I just try my best. Hope you like it. I really enjoy to created the dress. Love it and the color is so nice. Really match for Mishil.


see… this is the hidden step when I made it. You can judge me that I’m a fool to fix it in a plenty times to make it better and what the heck that the princess pict are really hard to make it similar with the original. Geezz….

I want to try it again… I hope I have a time since the school time is back. T_T



edited in 2011.07.21

haii… I just read this post again because it was awaken again since Queen Seondeok aired again in my country. .. sorry for sounding a bit insatiable 😀 that’s my bad, I used to have pressure everytime doing portrait drawing. Doing portrait is really hard. When you draw everything you want, fantasizing and playing with your imagination, it has nothing wrong or right about it.

But doing portrait drawing, it’s really different. When the result can’t make similar with the original face, I feel a bit lose, dissatisfied and disappointed. But it’s weird because I still love doing it again and again 😀 

it’s a lesson to learn, dont make it as pressure, just let it go as you move your hand on the paper, keep control with eyes, make your hand translate what your eyes see then drop it into your paper. Dont hesitate, dont worry, you won’t being punished, there’s nothing wrong or right. Keep trying, the more you find mistake the more you learn and improve 🙂


[Digital Single] The Queen Seon Deok OST(Special OST Part 2)

Title:The Queen Seon Deok OST (Special Part 2)
Artist: Lee Yo Won
Release date: 2009.12.28
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Total Size: 3.98 MB


  1. Bidam (Sad Story)

My Rating: 9/10

I would give 10/10 if she can sing s bit better. The song is really good, the piano tune really make anysense. I admit she start the song with a good way, but untill hear it merely she is kinda “sleeping” while singing. Mianhae^^ I am not going to bashing. I just say the truth. XD

credits: Kpopexplorer (for the cover)

[link-updated] [Album] The Queen Seon Deok OST

cover-OST Queen Seondoek

Title: The Queen Seon Deok OST
Artist: Varioust Artist
Release date: 2009.07.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 84.5 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

1. Main Title
2. Yurijan suh min yeong
3. Mi-shil theme – by Kim Hyi Jin
4. Daleul Gariun Hae – sung by Lee So Jeong
5. Balbambalbam – sung by Hong Gwang Ho
6. Baramggot (E.S) (male version)
7. Araro – sung by IU (Aiyu)
8. Dorian – by Jo Yun Jeong
9. Bijae
10. Passo Dopo Passo – sung by Paul Potts
11. Baramggot (E.S) (female version) – sung by IU(Aiyu)
12. Come, People Of God(이소정) – sung by Lee So Jeong
13. Sara
14. Gajil su eobsneun.. aneul su eobsneun.. (Baramggot instrumental) – by Kim Hyung Jun
15. Destruction of the King – by Song Jae Kyeong
16. Deok-man theme
17. Hanulnari
18. Nangjanggyeolyi – by Kim Hyi Jin
19. Dreams – by Kim Hyi Jin
20. The Rising Empire – by Song Jae Kyeong

My Rating: 8.5/10

So much fun with this album. Since I love the saeguk, I feel this soundtrack work really well. Eventhough not so many full-song completed it, the theme sound still makes any senses. It was filled by so many excited sounds.

I post my review for some special songs,  theme and something that you need to know.

.:^^:. The Most Favourite Song : I would say it’s the track 6 and 11 and 14. “Barramgot”. Haha..XD That’s all the same. Both of male or female version really sound great on my mind. The female version sound so soft and melancholic, but the male version could sound in the great emotionally. For me, I will pick the male version the most. But it doesn’t mean that the track 11 or 14 are bad. I still love it so much. Since it was played during the lovely scene between Queen Seon Deok and Sang-dae-deung Bi Dam, I am greedy to grab this song. It’s a completed touched, romantic, lovely and pure. ^^

.:^^:. The Most Addicted Track : What’s the different between “favourite” and “addicted”??? XD I add this category for both song and theme sound too. In this occation, it would come to track 2 “Yurijan suh min yeong”. Wonder how I like it?? I like it from the thing that sound so familiar. There is a scene when Lady Mi-shil played an instrument and it was faded into this theme sound, I like that instrument that sound like “ting ting ting”..*ggrrrr.. how can I describe it*

.:^^:. One Melody in Several Track

Balbambalbam, Passo Dopo Passo and Sara are in the same melody. Balbambam is a korean version and Passo Dopo Passo is spanish I think *don’t trust me, I dunho*. Well, Sara is just a sound theme without a vocal.

– Deok-man theme and Hanulnari is in the same melody. If you listened to the track, you’ll find that Deok-man theme is slower and kinda heartache. But Hanulnari is a type of happiness. I think it’s kinda sound that makes me dance. Haha.. I mean like waltz.

– Come, People of God and Daleul Gariun Hae is the same. Even the singer is the same. The different is just the language. One korean and one english. Nothing big.

[Digital Single] The Queen Seon Deok OST (Special OST Part 1)


Title: The Queen Seon Deok OST (Special Part 1)
Artist: Uhm Tae Woong and Joo Sang Wook
Release date: 2009.11.25
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Total Size: 10.91 MB


1.       Ojik Hansaram – sung by Uhm Tae Woong
2.       Geudaega Geuripseumnida – sung by Joo Sang Wook

My Rating: 8/10

I wonder that these two really can sing. They have a good voice for a non-singer. The piano really match for the songs. Good job!!

-: Uhm Tae Woong – Ojik Hansaram : for this Hwarang Yushin^^, I think his voice is good. Weight and soft. He can manage his voice well, it would be good if he released something song next time. He has a talent in the music area. Haha..XD

-: Joo Sang Wook – Geudaega Geuripseumnida : for this Hwarang Wol Ya, he is a good singer too. Even I like his voice more than Uhm Tae Woong. I like this song more than the first track. The chorus teased me a lot. He did it quite emotionally.