[Album] BoA – Girls On Top


Title: 5th Korean Album – Girls On Top
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2005.06.23
Language: Korean
Total Size: 55.17 MB


01. MOTO
02. Do You Love Me? (dul i hamke)
03. Girls on Top
04. Oneul geu dael bon da myeon (If you were here)
05. Love can make a Miracle
06. Addiction (jip chak)
07. Freak In Me
08. gong jung jeong weon (Garden In the Air)
09. I Spy
10. Can’t Let Go
11. Heroine (shi seon)
12. Breathe (sum)..(Breathe Again)
13. ga eul pyeon ji (Autumn Letter)

Again, I just found another translated tracklist so we know what’d it typed about.^^

My Rating: 7/10

The latest Korean album T_T

`* MOTO –  I don’ t like all the parts of this song. It’s just up-beat and match to BoA style but it doesn’t mean that it’s a wonder song. It’s nothing for me. Another tracks have a better sense than this.

`* Do You Love Me? (dul i hamke) – This is better than its previous, but it also doesn’t mean that it’s an amazing song. Her voice is felt better than its previous (- -,), especially in the high vibration. Yeah.., at least she gives some amazing part eventhough it doesn’t help so.  But the song didn’t flow in one way, it turned in another beat suddenly, BoA’s voice is the only bridge to make it as one. Her voice qute help but I still feel the unsure way of the song.

`*. Girls on Top – Yeahhh.. this is the best track. This is so Kwon BoA. The beat flew well, it’s so suitable to her harmonization. She quite pulled her throat. Who is the rapper, he rapped good.

`*. o neul geu dael bon da myeon (If you were here) – this is one of my everlasting ballad song. The same feeling like Insa appear again to this song. Some sad scenes just playing in my mind. The intro is quite short while BoA’s voice right then turned into the song. You must hear how she sing like she play with her throat. That’s just a color of BoA. I bet you will like it.

`*. Love can make a Miracle – I don’t feel good to this song. Just try it with yourself. Maybe you’ll like it.

`*. Addiction (jip chak) – the intro beat distracted me a lot. I think it will be so tired so sing this song. It’s up and the annoying instrument like forced to sing fast. Lucky, it’s not so boring since BoA makes some adlib and improvement. The last part. Is it a narration? Or she rapped? So dumb.

`*. Freak In Me – it start with “freeeeeeaaak me”. She sound ad retartedly that part. That’s all that I got. Another part is jus flowing like how she always sings.

`*. gong jung jeong weon (Garden In the Air) – hmm.. I’m not interested. The song didn’t accompany her in good way. Nothing special. Even after hear it in merely time, I am still none.

`*. I Spy – I feel the same like Addiction. I think I don’t need to repeat my words. I just feel the same. Not so amazing but standard.

`*. Can’t Let Go – seriously, this’s a good stuff. Quite relaxed melody. She play with her adlib well. Even she made a long high adlib during the chorus. She know the right time to placed such a good improvement like that. I am so in love with the refrain. Though it’s repetitive, I still enjoy it.

`*. Heroine (shi seon) – After a good track. This fail track just appear. The beat is still copied the Addiction style. But not so special, I have heard this kind of song in a plenty way, I quite feel bored!!

`*. Breath (sum)..(Breathe Again) – it’s a ballad again. It doesn’t fail me. The chorus is quite oldish. Not so bad but I enjoy it a lot. Just info, I like an oldish style. Especially the emotional ballad that really makes a sense. Good!^^

`*. ga eul pyeon ji (Autumn Letter) – It’s not a full song. She sing acapella. Not so clear, what she is going to mean. Overall, it’s just too short.

Credits: yo0njin@boajjang

[Album] BoA – Outgrow


Title: The 4th Japanese Album – OUTGROW
Artist: BoA
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2006.02.15
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 82 MB

01. Silent Screamerz
02. Do The Motion
03. Kimi no Tonari de
04. Outgrow ~ Ready Butterfly
05. Make a Secret
06. Everlasting
08. Cosmic Eyes
09. Dakishimer
10. Love Is Just What You Can’t See
11. Stay my Gold
12. Soundscape
13. With U
14. First Snow (Bonus Track)

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My Rating: 8/10

It’s been so old and I almost forget how did I feel to the song eventhough  replay it. The most memorible song would going onto “Soundscape”. I can’t get it off of my mind. I always listen to it till now. Got so addicted.