[Album] Girls` Generation – OH!

Title: The 2nd Album – OH!
Artist: Girls` Generation
Release date: 2010.01.28
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 102 MB


1. OH!
2. Show! Show! Show!
3. Fun & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
4. I Want To Dream With You Forever
5. Let’s Laugh (Be Happy)
6. Martian Virus (Boys & Girls) [feat.key from SHINee]
7. Caramel Coffee(Talk To Me)
8. Star Star Star
9. Just Happy Ending (Stick With U)
10. Thinking Only Of Good Thing (Day by Day)
11. Gee
12. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

My rating: 5/10 ???

Oh My God, How do I give a rating to this album!! Still in process to listening the whole track!!! But surely.. some tracks are annoying and I much prefer their 1st album!!

I feel in the top of disappointment. I bet I can give them 10/10 in the debut album because they really did it. Even an anti said that their song is too good for them who has a standard vocal ability. That’s the debut album and I expected that the girls will get improvement in their next and next stuff untill this 2nd album came out. But what???… some of them maybe really can sing but the others are still in their level!! I am in regret to give them 10/10 in their debut album. T_T This is an unsatisfied album. So messy and rubbish. I found myself like an anti in this album. Eventhough I’m not a big fan but you know what? I’m not even an anti. Really avoid to be like it. But this album make my eyes opened. Finally!

:>Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) – of course this is the best song ever. The music is different and they look more mature, maybe the first time they show a sexy type and so charismatic. I love the girls sing like this. The intro is a bit noisy, even it doesn’t help anything in the MV version.. it was cut then!! So noisy. But when the male’s voice started and Taeyeon turned first. She sounds really good like she always did, then Jessica. And I love the melody when Yuri turned. She sounds so sweet. . . and the chorus begin. Oh God, I got sweat in my face cause it’s hot. Tiffany also sounds well, but I feel really wonder with Sunny. She sounds a bit weight than her light voice usually did. The two maknae’s duet part is excellent too..and I really appreciate Tiffany’s soft adlib. She can do it well, good to hear that Jessica didn’t catch so many adlib here. Eventhough she did, I can hear that Taeyeon’s powerful voice covers her light awkward tiny high pitch.Poor Jessica. I think she just makes the good contribution in the chorus. Haha..and in the end, this song version is so noisy. The girls chanted like crazy and so girly. I can hear Jessica’s spoilt voice.

:>Gee – I can’t hide again. This song brings so many fever everywhere. Even in my school. All the girls sing “gee gee gee gee” like crazy. Truthfully when I heard it in the first time I feel weird, especiallly with that gee gee gee part but because it’s hot, I start to enjoy it. Really addicted to that part. Overall it’s catchy and addicted.

:>Boys and Girls (feat. Key) – this one sound so familiar. I think I ever hear it before. For the first time I enjoy Jessica’s voice. Especially that intro that she sings in the english lline. I don’t love this song just because of Key is here. Even he didn’t make any credit to this song. He just contributes his name in the title but eventhough he is not here, the girls will still done it well. Hell. The composser should give Key a good rap part so he won’t just contribute his name but his talent. However it’s really an addicted song. Taeyeon’s strong voice and they all manage themself well. The beat also bring me happy. I feel like an uptown girl walks through the street with the glamour dress and full of make up. Haha.. it’s the only thing that appeared in my mind everytime this song start.

:>Day By Day – Taken from the OST of Working Mom. Eventhough I have heard it about 1 year and a half before, I never so in love to this song before. But I just have no track again that I like in this album^^. This is such one of the decent track. Love the piano tune in the first. Got addicted to it.

:>Let’s Laugh (Be Happy) – I have no choice except this song. But it doesn’t mean that I love this song. The beat is extremely catchy maybe, but the girls…..rrrrrr I have nothing to say for the melody. The chorus is sweet but that “Be Happy” part and that “Ha ha ha ha Ho ho ho ho” is nonsense…distract me a lot.

:>Caramel Coffee (Talk To Me) – the word coffee came out from Tiffany’s soft voice. Got so enjoyable. This song is nice and relaxed. I think there are only Tiffany and Jessica here. But in the same time, it’s so familiar… Is it a cover song?? I think SM won’t make a cover song to this precious girls since the team of production got their eyes focus on the girls the most. Of course they have a time to compossed such a new song for the girls..not a cover song. yeah since the girls is the most focusable star in SM.. *sarcasmly*

:>Fun & Fun (Sweet Baby Talking) – the beat that entered the song first is so unique, kinda chinese traditional instrument or maybe traditional instrument of Korea. Because of that elegant intro, I do think that it won’t be a sweet catchy song right then. Haha.. it’s so fun. The way of the girls say “Fun” is cute and that’s that supposed-to-sound like “ai..ai..ai..” hahah it’s cute.

:>I Want To Dream With You Forever – The chorus is so nice. Taeyeon lead her group in a good way in the chorus. And then followed by Sunny that extremelly contrast with how Tayeon harmonized the chorus first. Gee… Always got addicted to Taeyeon’s strong high note. Endless powerful. And when the song reach the bridge and begin to end, I can hear such a good backing vocal harmonized it emotionally. So warm and touched.

:>OH! – finally! Great that I don’t bring this hit song for the least place. XD *get slammed by Sone* I think the theme of the song is not unique again. I don’t like they sing in that spoilt way to say oppa oppa oppa…and that oh oh oh ah ah ah ah that just waste the space. Got irritated to that part………………………………*speechless*……………………………………

:>Star Star Star – Like th previous ballad. It also start the song with a narration. Whose that in the first? Taeyeon. I heard like she count like hana, dul, set….??? 1 2 3??? .. So cute. I think that part means something special. I catch something familiar again. When the first girl (I think Taeyeon) start to enter the melody…that was so familiar. I mean the melody and the way of piano tune, I think I ever heard that kind of melody…I think in one of TVXQ’s song. Arrrgghhh can’t recall what’s the title is!! But I’m sure that I ever hear it.  Anyway, for a ballad song.  This is a bad rate. As a ballad fan, I feel bad to place this song in this far of top place.

:>Show! Show! Show! – this is one of the promoted song in the album but it got rubbish on me. That Jessica always annoyed my ear with her spoilt voice. I really can’t get into this song. The girls… do they really sing??? Sound so easy to sing with an random melody like that.

:>Just Happy Ending (Stick With U) – it sound like a clown song. XD. So messy and unexpected melody. Quite childish and catchy…. The reason why I took it in the least place is because… hmmm… To say the truth, because I don’t like it. Hahaha..

credits: koreanview

[Single] Tohoshinki – Break Out

Title: The 29th single – Break Out
Artist: Tohoshinki
Release date: 2010.01.27
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 49.7 MB


1. Break Out
2. XIAHTic [feat. Junsu]
3. Break Out (New Jack Swing Remix)
4. Break Out (less vocal)
5. XIAHTic (less vocal)

My Rating: 10/10

I do think that they would attached Toki Wo Tomete in this single too, but..ehhh..that song is so fuzzy!

I arrage it from the top to the least. First, I’m so sorry because I can’t help to join the 500 copy project to support this unpromoted single, ^^ As a cassiopeia, I just give a lot of wishes and smile ^_____^!

^^ XIAHTic – Yez, right. Eventhough I listen to the whole single in a million times, my love still goes on to this track^^. Junsu has a powerful voice, eventhough Key isn’t here, Junsu still give us a sensational dance track. Bad luck, it still sound good eventhough he doesn’t sing in a good english accent. Hahaha…*smash* . I really love this song, so do the korean. the beat makes me wanna dance,..wanna dance with Junsu of course, hehe.

^^Break Out – all cassiopeian look like really love this song, unexcept me. I love it. To be the truth, when I watch the Mv and listen to it, it was not a big amazing track I guess, especially the intro distracted me a lot, but when I learn into the full song, I begin to love it. The beat is really nice^^

^^Break Out (New jack swing remix) – It start from the intro of Yoochun’s part, then the instrument begin. Ommo..it’s a nice remix. More slower than the original version, but it is still match to the song. I bet, this is such a good remix from their entire remix song before. Yeah.. they don’t disappoint me. Formerly, I also have a bad rating for their remix song because it’s not even a good remix but destroyed the song XD, but this one.. it help me to gain more rating. Dude! they gave a good stuff without a promotion.

credits: koreanview

[Perf.] Tae Yang – Only Look At Me + Wedding Dress [live at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009-12-29]

Title: Only Look At Me + Wedding Dress
Artist: Tae Yang (from Big Bang)
Album: Only Look At Me [digital single], Wedding Dress [digital single]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 51.6 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Sorry for this quite late update. I’m still searching a good mood. Hehe..^^ This is such a good of my come back, ne? Let’s start it.

He start it in a good way. As how he always attract me, he plays piano for the ONLY LOOK AT ME performance. Ommmooooo….! I think it was  a slow version of that song. Eventhough he remix it in a softer and more at ballad, I would love it more. The piano tune and the soft beat is really match more than the original version. I think that’s why he didn’t dance, and the other reasons are for recognizing his paino skill and vocal ability, beside the next song will have a full dance performance. *curious,ne?* Hehe.. I’m a girl with a huge obsession with the piano tune, and this guy….. how I supposed to describe my varioust feeling when I saw a good looking guy sat in front of the polished piano and press it note by note. How beautiful… I get melted about it!! *recall for the performance last year when my dear JUNSU had a piano battle with Taeyang..T_T*

Next it, “Wedding Dress”… Taeyang suddenly stood up while still looked down to piano. He has a solo dance for a moment till his voice took an echo like “Wedding Dress…” and all the audience start to cheer him up and scream. He sang it live while some part was still backing vocal by his own recorded vocal. Yeah.. I can’t judge him. This is a hard song to handle it alone. There is no space except the special dance part. He has gaven all the best, he didn’t sound breathless eventhough he dance like crazy. Taeyang is totally a good singer and performer^^ . Anyway, I am quite jealous for the wedding theme dance part. I much prefer he dance like the MV version but this one.. what the heck that girl come from??? She is too tall, she covered Taeyang’s standard height. Hahahaa..*get kicked* and her outfit…..errrghhh… such a clown *what kind of clown??*

Credits: kpopwebdownload

[Single] T-ara – Lies

Title: The 1st single – Lies [single]
Artist: T-ara
Release date: 2009.07.29
Conductor: Core Contents Media
Language: Korean
Total Size: 30 MB

1.       Lies [Part 1]
2.       Lies [Part
3.       Can We Back [less vocal]
4.       Good Day [less vocal]

.:Download full-single:.

My Rating: 10/10

I really love this single. Eventhough the track LIES didn’t sound so amazing for me in the first time, but when I heard the other version…I think it grew a lot. The ballad version sound like one of the soundtrack of Fullhouse. hehe..remind me a lot.!! Love T-Ara. though I love Ji Ae’s voice but she left the group. Feel bad..

[Single] Koda Kumi – Can We Go Back

Title: Can We Go Back [single]
Artist: Koda Kumi
Release date: 2010.01.20
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 30.4 MB

1. Can We Go Back
2. Good Day
3. Can We Go Back [less vocal]
4. Good Day [less vocal]

.:Download full-rar:.

My Rating: 9/10

This is my first post for Koda Kumi, but just info I’ve became her fan since 2 years a go and I just keep on posting her new release only since her discography is getting too much to go back^^

>: Can We Go Back: I really love the song. She is rock. Love this kind of song. Yeah. Kuuchan is such pretty match to the type of rock music. She sound so powerful.. Truthfully I much prefer listen to her rock songs and hip-hop songs rather than Ballad or pop.

>:Good Day : It’s contrast from the first track. Quite catchy pop. I don’t really like it since it is a boring pop track

Credits: Naee-chan@Boajjang

My Special Gift For Jaejoong 24th Birthday





Maybe this is too soon, .. Please bear up! I have no time tomorrow, very busy so I post this today^^ Enjoy it! I have tried all the best to dig a lot of picts, editing pict and uploading songs woth my snail connection.. Enjoy it!!

I know that I always make an artwork in a special day, just like in Junsu’s birthday or BoA’s birthday… But I’m sorry I don’t draw any artwork . I’m so sorry for you who waited my special Jaejoong artwork. Anyway just enjoy some picts that I made by myself.

^^Happy Birthday For Jaejoong oppa^^

.:A Tribute To Jaejoong:.

This is some songs that sung and written by Jaejoong. Some of them are official but there are a few that just ripped from the performance version.

You can download it all. Don’t forget do thankzz and tell me if there were some tracks that missed up!

I hope I don’t forget something about this thread!


Solo Work


~:Insa (OST A Millionaire’s First Love)

~:Forgotten Season

~:Incomplete [radio rip]


>:Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day

>:<a href="Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day (album edit)

>:Just For One Day [instrumental feat. Jaejoong only]

>:M-Flo feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun – Been So Long

>:Jaejoong and Yoochun – COLORS’ Melody and Harmony

>:Jaejoong feat. Yoochun – Shelter

>:Jaejoong & Shin Sung Woo – Soshi (I think this is fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong version with the Shin Sung Woo version)

>:Jaejoong & Jonghyun – Incomplete (This is just fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong’s version and Jonghyun’s version)

Group Album Special Work

YKiss Shita Mama Sayounara – compossed by Jaejoong and Yoochun

Y9095 – compossed by Jaejoong

YDon’t Cry My Lover – compossed by Jaejoong

YWasurenaide – written by Jaejoong

.:Special Gallery:.

This is such a special memorizing moment. I know that Jaejoong has a lot of celebrity friends. Mostly girls, right?? hehe.. Don’t be jealous. They are just friend. And I’m sorry for not posting some pict of Jae with the member of TVXQ!! I’m really tired right now. I don’t have anytime again. T_T mianhae

.:Social Interaction:.

–>with BoA<—

During MAking Film Hotmail! 2004 Summer SM Town



Making Jacket for 2004 Summer SM Town



with BoA & Shoo^^

During 2007 Winter SM Town



Debut performance! TVXQ feat. BoA – Oh Holy Night



During the Red Sun making film! Look at Junsu who took their pict. XD Please click to vie larger!






During SM Town Live 2008



Jaejoong smile behind her 🙂



–>With Han Hyo Joo<—

Don’t get mad at me okay!!! They just filmed the movie together, no wonder there are so many interactions.










–>With Kim Hyun Joong<–


I just have one^^

–>With Taegoon<–

Too dark^^




–>With Park Ji Bin<–

He is Geum Jan Di’s younger brother^^ *remember Boys Before Flower*. He confessed that he loved Jaejoong so much. and they have a date together. XD cute





–>With Se7en<–

It was during SBS New Xman around 2006 or 2007 I think!!





Jaejoong with Key during SM Town Live 2008

and the below was Jaejoong with Onew. Truthfully I have a pict Jaejoong with Jonghyun but I can’t find it in my folder. MAybe I deleted it unfortunately-_-


–>With Super Junior<–






–>With CSJH The Grace<–

During SM Town Live 2008 [feat. Lina]









with Stephanie


with Sunday

–>With Bae Seul Gi<–




—>With SNSD<—

Hate this thread right?? hehehhe XD



with Tiffany during the filming of CF Anycall Haptic Motion


with SUnny


with Taeyeon in the radio.

And this kid… I forget his name.. sorry^^

credits: DBSKnight

[PV] BoA feat. Miura Daichi – Possibility


look like Jaejoong’s haircut, right?? hehehee…. *I’m BoJoong victim*

Title: Possibility
Artist: BoA, Miura Daichi
Album: pre-release “Identity” [Album]
File Type: flv & avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 22.5 MB & 25 MB
Download: Mediafire, Mediafire 2 [25 MB with subtitle]

My Rating: 10/10

Got so addicted to the song… I can’t wait for the full album.

In the beginning, I thought it would be great. But.. it’s great of course. Haha XD. They dance really cool. I can catch the storyline. So beautiful. They showed it with the dance move and gesture it just in that place.That Miura Daichi was considered as Japanese Michael Jackson. No wonder about his style and you need to watch he dance, guys. He is comparale with our gentle girl BoA^^.

unusually, I think BoA didn’t change any outfit in this MV. She just use one. She looked pretty damn manly. haha…*starting again* I repeat my words. She is such a gentle girl, she looked so cool while dancing and that short haircut. Pretty match to her. But truthfully guys…. I learn to take my eyes on her in this MV, then I realize… her haircut reminds me to Jaejoong’s haircut. haha.. *BoJOong obsession*..

credit: BoANOSS (azn_denny @Boajjang)