[Pict] The Great Queen Seondeok – Crazy picts


Sleep…z Z Zzz tt…

Hwarang Yooshin and his wive… mmm..

Crazy again… haha

That Hwarang Alcheon wanna eat The Princess up.. XD!!
Love this pict.. I think Bidam and Hwarang Alcheon made so many crazy appearances!!
yeah.. now it’s time for the crazy king… my beloved Bidam!! ^^

Like Lee Yo Won said, Kim Nam Gil has the same character like Bidam, haha.. I think she mean the crazy and funny part of Nam Gil. He is really funny^^!! I like some of his expressions. You can notice that I love Bidam in this drama, eventhough he will turned into a fierce enemy of Seondeok..T_T Why.., truthfully he loves Deokman but they have a fight because of the kingdom. Fuhhhh… I can’t believe it has been end after 11 months aired, and how touched,….Bidam die!! Sad Ending T_T *holding back the tear*

4 thoughts on “[Pict] The Great Queen Seondeok – Crazy picts

  1. Sri Agustina says:

    Kim Nam Gil….???Whoever u’re you’re still amazing…I like you from the first time I Saw U…

  2. reglest says:

    The same like me, I still can’t believe he must die in that tragic way…(shedding tears again). I still can’t touch the DVD again after seeing Bidam’s death, that’s too tragic…while he (at last) loved by, but he must end that all in misunderstanding. Hiks

  3. lucknise pierre says:

    I fell in love with bidam the from the frist time i saw him, after bidam death, i started thinking
    about what his mother told him about taking every thing, if he had done this he will still be alive
    it hurt me that he die i think about his role in this movie all the time.bidam was a nice guy and the most powerful with his fighting skill but he let his guard down when he fell in love with the queen he should of taken it all from the start and he would had everything and the queen.
    broken pices i am about bidam may he rest in peace with his queen in the after world.

  4. youngladyjunsu says:

    Yeah.. the sad ending is really such a pain. I can’t sleep and can’t stop thinking about him after the heartbreak ending..
    I cry a lot seeing he died, all my friends also cry and we all love Bidam a lot, it’s really bad when we saw he died.
    That’s a sweet love story though the histroy told a different story

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