[Mini Album] SS501 – Rebirth

Title: Return of 5 Men [Love Like This] Normal version Album
Artist: SS501
Conductor: DSP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.10.19
Language: Korean
Total Size: 18.6 MB

  2. Love Like This
  3. 하루만 (Only One Day)
  4. Obsess (중동…)
  5. 완.두.콩. (Green Peas)

.:Download full-track:.

My Rating: 10/10

Face to my rating, of course I love all the tracks. Just like the new trend of my review, I’ll listed it according to the indivual rating . Check it out, which track that stole my heart the most?? Haha

*..*The 1st – Wellll…..congrate to the track 5!!!! Horay! *applause*. First I don’t think it will steal my heart, I feel the same like how I listen to Hyun Joong’s Because I’m Stupid. The guitar and melody is very nice. So addiction and relaxed. The way of the chorus start is so unique, one boy said “set, dul, hana, Go!!” and they sang the chorus line. MG, I love the chorus. What’s that “from Monday to Sunday” supposed to means?? How cute…! I love that line. They are so sweet. I can imagine that they sit down together in a night place with the campfire. Just listen to they laugh and chanted in the end part. Haha.. Envy them. The group looked so nice to each other and they are save. –, I hope my TVXQ will go on like that again.

*..*The 2nd – Love Like This!! I have been loved it since the first time I heard it in the radio. I can hear Hyung Joon’s voice so clear. He dropped by saying “Hey Girl!” Ommonie.. hey boys!! You’re rock. Though the instrument is a little messy and the reffrain was felt so repetitive in the finishing part.

*..*The 3rd – The track 3! It’s ballad. They show a good vocal harmonization. The boys have improved a lot. Young Saeng always done his high pitch, whereas I feel it annoying. Haha.. mianhae^^

*..*The 4th – I’m on dilemma again. I can’t decide. I think I need to go with “Obsess” cause it’s R&B and deeper a bit rather than Wasteland that sound messy.

*..*The 5th – Like I’ve said, there is just “Wasteland” left.

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