[Album] BoA – My Name

Title: 4th Korean Album – My Name
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2004.06.14
Language: Korean
Total Size: 83 MB


01. My Name
02. Spark
03. I Got You
04. My Prayer (Gi Doh)
05. Wahn Jun Han Nahl Gae (One Wings-Embracing Each Other)
06. Doo Guen Doo Geun (Pit-a-Pat)
07. I Kiss
08. Don’t Give a Damn (Sahng Gwan Ub Suh)
09. Geu Rul Soo It Gaet Jih! (It Could be That Way)
10. Etude
11. In Sa (Good-Bye)
12. Feel Me
13. Stay in Love (Babo Gaht Jyo)
14. We (Oori)

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A/N: I don’t typed the tracklist like the filename. I just found another translated tracklist so we can understand what’s the graph say.^^ Enjoy!

My Rating: 8/10

  1. My Name – It’s so catchy. The tremble beat will always reminds in my ears. I don’t find another special thing except it’s just a good song to hear and dance.
  2. Spark – the song quite reminds me for another song, but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. BoA’s voice sound so nice. Like this.
  3. I Got You – it’s not a top song of this album. She still gaves her powerful harsh cute voice. Another backing vocal followed her sweetly. It’s nice harmonization. She can sing really good, even she can reach a high note in a good way but it’s kinda forcing. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a color of her voice.
  4. My Prayer – OMG, it’s a ballad hit. It’s such a brand new hit from her for releasing a ballad track as a hit song. By so far, the song a bit interested me. BoA sound very amazing. As always my unni give her pure adlib.
  5. Wahn Jun Han Nahl Gae (One Wings-Embracing Each Other) – it’s a decent track. Not so bad, but still showed her vocal ability.
  6. Doo Guen Doo Geun (Pit-a-Pat) – The way it start resemble to Missy Elliot feat. Machi’s song! Can’t recall what the title, but it’s just the same. Is this a cover song?? The melody also sound so nice and familiar.
  7. I Kiss – I don’t know how to describe this song. It’s just there is nothing special. I don’t catch something different, just like how her pop music flow away. Whereas I am a bit bored with this kind of song.
  8. Don’t Give a Damn (Sahng Gwan Ub Suh) – It’s rock. The music element really pretty match to her powerful voice. It start like a spy, *I don’t have any word to describe it*. Then when the chorus come, it’s knock down. Quite rock and upbeat. Due it’s upbeat she sound like she try her best to sound quite masculine. I especially enjoy the chorus.
  9. Geu Rul Soo It Gaet Jih! (It Could be That Way) – some sites named this with “Maybe..Maybe Not!” , but well the song is just the same. I don’t really hear this song. I just keep in on my folder to fullfilled the album. Haha..
  10. Etude – Right now is the first time I listen to it. I almost have no time for listening music recently, kinda bussy. But guys..since this is such a bliss, I try my best. This Etude is a good song. Pop and so nice.
  11. In Sa (Good-Bye) – This is an emotional ballad track. Her skill to transfer the melody into her voice is excellent. She also did a rocking-adlib during the finishing part. Oh God, it’s good to hear her petite voice to do that. While I hear it, I feel like a farewell in my mind. When she said “anyeong”, it’s so touched. Sometimes, farewell is a need but it’s hard.
  12. Feel Me – BoA started it with a digital voice then she turned into the original voice. The part when she sang while some backing vocals followed her is nice, I think it’s the part in the chorus (or?). I thought that I will love this. It’s catchy and supposed to addicted me.
  13. Stay in Love (Babo Gaht Jyo) – It’s ballad and nice. So lovely and touched. Her voice was flowing like a flower down to the downstream.  I really enjoy it, since I’m an obsessed person for ballad^^
  14. We (Oori) – the intro drew a Chinese castle visualisation. Not so much knocking vocal ability. In other side, it is a hard song to sing. Some of the part has a none sense tempo. I think BoA is not so suit to this song. *It’s just my though*.

Credits: yo0njin@boajjang

ker eugene@boajjang (for the full album link)

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