[Single] Tohoshinki – Share The World

Title: The 27th Album – Share The World
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.04.08
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 52.93 MB


01 Share The World
02 ウィーアー! (We Are!)
03 明日は来るから(Tomorrow Will Come)
04 Share The World(Less Vocal)
05 ウィーアー! (We Are)(Less Vocal)
06 Share The World [Save a remix]
My Rating: 6/10

~^* Share The World : Truthfully I am not so fond to the genre that Share The World bringing with. But the song seems like accepted well by the public. Tohoshinki is really awesome.

~^* We Are! : It’s a cover song for the anime theme “One Piece”. Absolutely love this rock music. It doesn’t fail me from the first time I heard it. Really feel better for this song rather than the first track. Jaejoong sound very match to the song, yeah.. he is rock and multitalent with varioust note and adlib that he is master of it. ^^ Give a 10/10 for this song especially for Jaejoong. XD . The others, please don’t be jealous , hehe.

~^* Tomorrow Will Come : An old song, right?? It’s completed by the pack of One Piece theme. Mm… really love the song. Sound so lovely and beautiful. Junsu’s long adlib is such a best moment.

~^* Share The World [save a remix] : I like this track rather than the original version. This one sound really match for their voice and more up-beat. So much fun and fantastic music component.

credits: cAm * Music SOUL *

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