[Digital Single] Tohoshinki – Amaku Hateshinaku (Endless Sweet)

Title: Amaku Hateshinaku
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.09.23
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 5.54 MB


  1. Amaku Hateshinaku

My Rating: 3/10

Sorry to say but I am just not so fond to the song. I don’t like jazz, but I can appreciate it. The song was released in the time when they’re still in the serious storm, so I think they didn’t have a big promo to it. T_T Damn!! Is this the way to treat my boys??? *eh?* Curently I just play it merely but I don’t know, the song is still in its shoes, it wasn’t felt so nice or anything special. Still great that their vocal ability is still in that strong. They’re rock. And how they harmonized their voice in so many different formulas. Like this.

A/N: The new single “Toki Wo Tomete (Break Out)” is coming soon. The leaked version has revealed, I have own it, but I don’t post it. Still waiting for the released date and official audio! ^^ But if anybody of you want to get the leaked version, just tell me, I’ll send the link to your email!

[Single] Jaejoong and Yoochun – COLORS~Melody and Harmony



Title: COLORS~Melody and Harmony
Artist: Jaejoong and Yoochun (from Tohoshinki)
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.09.30
Language: Japanese
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 50.8 MB

  1. COLORS~Melody and Harmony
  2. Shelter
  3. COLORS~Melody and Harmony [instrumental]
  4. Shelter [instrumental]

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My Rating: 10/10

My top favourite list is going on like the tracklist goes on^^

^::^ COLORS~Melody and Harmony – I can’t expect that the two of them still could bring such a perfection like this. It’s so lovely, the intro and when the piano started to whine, I feel it’s so fefreshing and relaxed. I could say that I’m falling love to them. I especially surprised with the particular part when Yoochun oppa sing a hyper note and Jaejoong was backing him in the deep version. Nice to hear they bring a different way to showed so many talents. The rap part makes me feel I must stand up and face the world. Great. I only hear the words “Keep The Faith” in the clear way. ^^ Yess… be bold! They want us to be bold and keep the faith!! Hwaiting!

^::^ Shelter – it’s stil so good. The piano is still there. Yeah glad to it. Jaejoong turned first by saying “Yes”. Oh yeah.. I feel like I’m falling. The two even bring me such a beautiful songs, moreover the 5 version???? Can I say that I almost got teary to recall the time when I smile watching the five of them T_T. Ah That’s not the matter to this thread. Back to the song, Jaejoong and Yoochun sound really well, they bring us an emotion, high emotional song. Jaejoong is a good vocalist and Yoochun is more in the rap part. He did it very well, the rap part is so thrilling crazy.

[Single] Tohoshinki – Stand By You

Title: The 28th Album – Stand By You
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.07.01
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 65 MB

  1. Stand By You
  2. Tea For Two
  3. Sky
  4. Stand By You [Luv Behind The MLD Mix]
  5. Stand By You [instrumental]
  6. Tea For Two [instrumental]

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My Rating: 7/10

Tea For Two is a whatever track but Stand By You is an everything good. The piano tune that start it is an magical addiction beat. I could die. It’s killing me. The story touched me so much.., the lyric really keep on echoing in my mind eventhough I stop it. The piano whined like crazy. Truthfully I said what I feel. This feeling just come when I hear Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimatan Darou but this song bring me a brand new of it. Can’t get off of my mind.

credits: makikawaii.livejournal.com

[Single] Tohoshinki – Share The World

Title: The 27th Album – Share The World
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.04.08
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 52.93 MB


01 Share The World
02 ウィーアー! (We Are!)
03 明日は来るから(Tomorrow Will Come)
04 Share The World(Less Vocal)
05 ウィーアー! (We Are)(Less Vocal)
06 Share The World [Save a remix]
My Rating: 6/10

~^* Share The World : Truthfully I am not so fond to the genre that Share The World bringing with. But the song seems like accepted well by the public. Tohoshinki is really awesome.

~^* We Are! : It’s a cover song for the anime theme “One Piece”. Absolutely love this rock music. It doesn’t fail me from the first time I heard it. Really feel better for this song rather than the first track. Jaejoong sound very match to the song, yeah.. he is rock and multitalent with varioust note and adlib that he is master of it. ^^ Give a 10/10 for this song especially for Jaejoong. XD . The others, please don’t be jealous , hehe.

~^* Tomorrow Will Come : An old song, right?? It’s completed by the pack of One Piece theme. Mm… really love the song. Sound so lovely and beautiful. Junsu’s long adlib is such a best moment.

~^* Share The World [save a remix] : I like this track rather than the original version. This one sound really match for their voice and more up-beat. So much fun and fantastic music component.

credits: cAm * Music SOUL *