[Single] Wonder Girls – NOBODY (US Debut)

WG - coverWGUSdebut
limited for the signature cover!

Title: US Debut Single – Nobody
Artist: Wonder Girls
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009
Language: English
Total Size: 19.6 MB

  1. Nobody
  2. Nobody –Jason Navins Remix-
  3. Nobody [karaoke version]

.:Download full tracks:.

My Rating: 8/10

Finally, the time is up and the final waiting is over. OMG, I don’t know what’s the thing that tooke them so long to release this single. The korean version has been out about a year ago.  Yeah.., it’s all just end with 3 tracks only. Really can’t wait for the next release. I heard that they will release the US album next year. Good!! Will update more!

Anyway the girls sound well like they always sing. Ye Eun did the best, she has a good accent compare to the others.Surely, they need improve their english skill more. No matter.  have a feeling that the girls can do it better^^. Hwaiting!!

Credits: AyuLuv90 @ BoAjjang (CD Rip, Scans, Upload)

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