[Single] Joo – Young Woman

Title: The 1st Single – Young Woman
Artist: Joo
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2008.01.18
Language: Korean
Total Size: 35.7 MB


  1. Because of A Man [MF] [MU]
  2. Like Yesterday [MU]
  3. Face [MU]
  4. The Premiere [MU]
  5. Because of A Man [less vocal] [MU]
  6. Like Yesterday [less vocal] [MU]

My Rating: 8/10

It’s been so long since this single released. And there no stuff from here by so far. I think JYP is too busy for the dancing singer like 2PM or Wonder Girls rather than a ballad singer like Joo. –, !
I listed this review start from the top song that I love the most.^^

*..*The 1st – I would start it with the second track rather than the first track that become a hit track. Like Yesterday sound so soft, it’s not so sad but Joo manage her voice really well. Eventhough it’s a cover song from the female singer “J – Like Yesterday”, I think Joo still interpreted it well by herself. Both J and Joo have a soft voice, I think it doesn’t  matter. I really like it

*..*The 2nd – Because Of A Man!! Of course. This is the first song I heard ever released from her. First, it sound oldish a bit. Though it’s ballad, I don’t feel so fond to the song first but the song grew well and I started love it. There is no bridge but she still give a powerful petit voice that she own. So lovely.

*..*The 3rd – I can’t decide. Both of Face and The Premiere just sound the same in my rating level. It’s still ballad. And the sof voice flow really well. Totally it’s still good.

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