[MV] Tae Yang – Wedding Dress

Title: Wedding Dress
Artist: Tae Yang (from Big Bang)
Album: Wedding Dress [digital single]
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size: 40.3 MB


My Rating: 10/10

I am crazy over this MV. I always play it, in my phone and in my joybook. Everytime I open my phone or my PC or my joybook, I feel like I need to watch it again. Can you tell me what medicine that I should take to stop this?? Though it’s such a bliss, I absolutely won’t take the medicine if it’s available.

I have been expected that he will play the piano in this MV cause the intro has fantasized me a lot. From the first time I listen to the song, I can see how Tae Yang will act with the soft tune of piano.^^ See.., I’m addicted day by day. *get slapped by Ju-Ju-J–n*.T_T. Oh Dear, come on..how hurt he is. Can you imagine when you should play the piano for the wedding ceremony of the girl that you’ve crush on. I can’t do it if I were in his shoes. Really,  I f I were a boy, I really won’t  abble to do it. Can’t! But he still can kiss the girl *jealous* . -_-. The girl looked like a noona, he need another one. Yes yes! Seems like Tae Yang always got a soft-sensual scene with the girl, even his first kiss was during the filming of his My Girl MV. Gee…Lucky girl and lucky boy!

Other point, he also dance in the MV, but he didn’t mime the song while he did it. He played good with his bodywave. So Good, some kind reminds me to Junsu^^, no wonder that JYP wanna work with him, Tae yang is really a good dancer and singer, he can showed the emotion in his move. I really enjoy the part before the bridge when the music turned retartedly slow and he dance like a wid, hah.. how ca I say it like a wind? I just feel that he move his foot with a really soft touch to the ground. I always adour to the singer that still can dance with the sad song. Tae Yang can do it by the minor R&B or touched rhythm. The only one minus that I see is just his haircut. Oh Good,.. Do I need to admit that I never saw a single hair that he own in his right or left side of his head?! Hahaha..Mianhae, but I say the truth. XDD

credits: http://bigbangviplyrics.blogspot.com/

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