2AM – Time For Confession [single]


Title: The 2nd Single – Time For Confession
Artist: 2AM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.03.18
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Total Size: 32 MB

01 Chinguye Gobaek (Friend’s Confession)
02 Lost
03 Ildan Toraseojiman (Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before)
04 Chinguye Gobaek [Instrumental]
05 Lost [Instrumental]
06 Ildan Toraseojiman [Instrumental]

.:Download full track:.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Look at the cover, I really like to staring Seulong oppa! Haha.. he is very masculine cool^^

This is the first time I heard their song eventhough I always watch the member stared some reality show, but this is just the first time I listen to their song. Ommo.., they are a ballads master. They sound so well in ballad. Jo Kwon would be my favourite among them. Hehe.. I listed this review start from the top song that I love the most.^^

*..*The 1st – Chinguye Gobaek (Friend’s Confession)!! Why???? It touched me soooo…., who is that amazing high note??? Changmin-oppa??? Haha.. he is a gag in the group. Well, whoever he is, he has a good voice, just listen to how he sang the line “And be my lady”. OMG!! I think it tell us how the confession of a best friend who finally end up falling for the friend. Classic love story.^^, I will hunt the lyric, so does the translation. Oh-Dear.. this song.. I love emotional ballad.

*..*The 2nd – Lost! I quite doubt, I don’t know it would be good to placed the song in the second place. Well, they sing like they usually sing. Good listening it. While I still learn this single. I hope there is no exchange posision for this thread. Haha XD

*..*The 3rd – Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before! Wow.. why the tracklist through like how it should be officially. I have nothing to say to the song. It’s just a normal ballad.^^ Enjoy it! They have amazing voice and melody.

credits: Citra Music

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