2AM – Time For Confession [single]


Title: The 2nd Single – Time For Confession
Artist: 2AM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.03.18
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Total Size: 32 MB

01 Chinguye Gobaek (Friend’s Confession)
02 Lost
03 Ildan Toraseojiman (Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before)
04 Chinguye Gobaek [Instrumental]
05 Lost [Instrumental]
06 Ildan Toraseojiman [Instrumental]

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My Rating: 8.5/10

Look at the cover, I really like to staring Seulong oppa! Haha.. he is very masculine cool^^

This is the first time I heard their song eventhough I always watch the member stared some reality show, but this is just the first time I listen to their song. Ommo.., they are a ballads master. They sound so well in ballad. Jo Kwon would be my favourite among them. Hehe.. I listed this review start from the top song that I love the most.^^

*..*The 1st – Chinguye Gobaek (Friend’s Confession)!! Why???? It touched me soooo…., who is that amazing high note??? Changmin-oppa??? Haha.. he is a gag in the group. Well, whoever he is, he has a good voice, just listen to how he sang the line “And be my lady”. OMG!! I think it tell us how the confession of a best friend who finally end up falling for the friend. Classic love story.^^, I will hunt the lyric, so does the translation. Oh-Dear.. this song.. I love emotional ballad.

*..*The 2nd – Lost! I quite doubt, I don’t know it would be good to placed the song in the second place. Well, they sing like they usually sing. Good listening it. While I still learn this single. I hope there is no exchange posision for this thread. Haha XD

*..*The 3rd – Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before! Wow.. why the tracklist through like how it should be officially. I have nothing to say to the song. It’s just a normal ballad.^^ Enjoy it! They have amazing voice and melody.

credits: Citra Music

[Single] Big Bang – Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice)

Title: The 3rd Japanese Single
Artist: Big Bang
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Release date: 2009.11.04
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 26.34 MB

  1. Koe Wo Kikasete (Let me hear your voice)
  2. Ora Yeah
  3. Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice) [acoustic version]

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My Rating: 10/10

*:Koe Wo Kikasete – I heard it the first time in the radio, and I feel like I need to own it. It’s perfection, I feel the same like “Make Love”, Lie or Day By Day. OMG I am addicted. Taeyang would be my favourite finding among it.^^

*: Ora Yeah – I begin to like this song. Hip Hop and catchy. Got so addicted to the part “ora ora yeah eh eh”… It sound that they adapted it into the japanese accent so it turned like “ola ola yeah eh eh eh eh eh eh ”. Hahaha.. have fun with the “r” and “l”. G-D sound so cute. He really can act with so many varioust sound.

*: Koe Wo Kikasete (acoustic version) – I bet it won’t fail you. Taeyang turned first and then Seungri. The both start the verse really kinda amazing. The trembling guitar gave a warm sense to me. The music flowed softly and got emotional when it turned into a chorus. Yeah.. it’s a perfection. I do repeat my word “it’s a perfection”. Though it’s a bit slow, I begin to like this song, so does the original version. It’s magic. I can love it since the first time listen to it.

credits: 빅뱅 Bigbang

[MV] Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice

Title: Let Me Hear Your Voice
Artist: Big Bang
Album: The 3rd Japanese Single – Let Me Hear Your Voice
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size: 79.74 MB


My Rating: 7.5/10

The song really work well on ear. They sound amazing. Taeyang never fail me with his sexy voice. Seungri sound so soft. Love his voice too. And Daesung that have his high note well too. GD and TOP are amazing in their rapping battle. XD. Facing to some MV that they have released, it’s a bit different. I feel bad that it’s just a simple MV without a storyline. They need to add some story for the song. It will be very amazing if they completed that beautiful song with a touched story. I think GD will act as a main role. He always does.