My Special Gift For Xiah Junsu 23rd Birthday




>:My Artwork:<

I almost didn’t sleep to finished it all. There are so many challenges to draw the first pict. It’s hard cause there is a contrast gradient of it. Especially in his face. I doubt it doesn’t capture a figure like Junsu. T_T. Mianhae, but I’ve tried my best.

The second pict is my old artwork. I made it last year, but I remix it again cause I feel there is something weird in his face before, in order to it will show a similarity like Junsu more. ^^ I like this pict as I like the person who standing as my model there. Haha..

Happy Birthday for Junsu oppa..,,

The one that I love for 3 years…

You are my boy of the picture in the frame

I’ll never forget yours..

All of the goodies that you bring

And the tears that you faded into a smile

Thank you

I can’t forget it..

You’ll always be my all..

My everything…

.:A Tribute To Junsu:.

This is some songs that sung and written by Junsu. I upload a lot for this year. I don’t know it will good for next year, I hope there is something new again.

You can download it all. The links are in Mediafire and Megaupload. Don’t forget do thankzz and tell me if there were some tracks that missed up.

Solo Songs

.:Beautiful Thing

.:My Page

.:Rainy Night


>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (korean version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (chinese version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (acoustic version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (slow rainy mix)

>: Xiah Junsu feat. Eunhyuk(from Super Junior) – All Rise (originally by Blue)

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jn Bora) – TPL (Talk Play Love)

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora) – Promise You

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora) – Daydream

>: Xiah Junsu feat. Key(from SHINee) – XIAH-Tic

Group Album Special Work

-:*If I Can Breathe Next To You (White Lie) – compossed by Xiah Junsu

-:*Noeur Baraboda (Afterglow/Picture of You) – written by Xiah Junsu

-:*Wish – feat. Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin and KyuHyun, Ryeowook (from Super Junior)


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[Album] Brown Eyed Girls – SOUND G

coverA- BEG
Title: The 3rd Album – SOUND G
Artist: Brown Eyed Girls
Conductor: Nega-Network
Release date: 2009.07.21
Language: Korean
Total Size: 101.81 MB



01 Glam Girl
02 Abracadabra
03 Addiction
04 Candy Man
05 Moody Night
06 Strange Days
07 Mot Ga (Can’t Go)
08 Yeojada Itteodo (Even If You Have Another Girl)
09 Jalhalgeyol (It’ll Do Well)-
10 Abracadabra [Instrumental]
11 Candy Man [Instrumental]
12 Jalhalgeyol (It’ll Do Well) [Instrumental]

My Rating: 9/10

Good temptation for a new album. I actually love the whole tracks. The girls really can sing. I like Ga In’s voice eventhough Je-a and Narsha sometimes have a powerful part. I love them all. Miryo is really a good rapper, some kind of Lil’ Mama. Hahaaa..
Talk about the songs, there are 9 songs remained while 3 track are just a less vocal. Some songs would be my favourite tracks among it.

^::^the 1st : I pick “Candy Man” for the first. I’ve become so addicted to the beat and rhythm. I like the way it start and the girl suddenly showing their voice like yelling. And it’s also one of the biggest rating of my own playlist among their whole songs that I have.

^::^the 2nd : And then Abracadabra, OMG such a good dance track. Ga In’s digital fast verse is excellent. And I like the way they say “Do You Love Me..Do You Love Me”. Awww so flirty.

^::^the 3rd : For the 3rd favourite track, I go with the ballad one “It’ll Do Well”, the girls showed so much their powerful voice ability. Good to hear they sang a ballad with an emotional powerful melody.

^::^the 4th: Tired for crying with the ballad XD, I pick the upbeat song for my 4th. That’s “Even If You Have Another Girl” The breazy random piano flow really well, but I don’t like the way it start. Trhe first time I heard it, it supposed to be one of the rubbish-up-beat-track that I think, but the melody turned soft and Ga In sings first. I like her voice, the breazy piano backing her randomly. Then I think that Je-a or Narsha (I still can’t notice which is Narsha and which one Je-a in the particular part) that catch the chorus. The chorus pay me a good favor for increassing its rating.

^::^the 5th : I go with the ballad again. Right now it comes from the the 7th track “Can’t Go”. I think it’s no reason to place this one in the upper class, haha. Since I really love ballad and beautiful voice. The girls who bringing the beautiful voice did it very well and the rap part is kinda short.

^::^the 6th : Glam Girl! Yeah… ommona I think this is one of the good song but it didn’t win my heart over the five upper tracks. By the way, the song didn’t flow well in the first time but it sound grow and growing better day by day. Miryo’s rap is my best finding. I am afraid that this song will catch my heart to move up replace the five upper songs that I’ve picked. Haha

^::^the 7th : Addiction! Eventhough the title is Addiction, I don’t feel addicted to the song. The beat is quite repetitive. I just find the part in the rapping part while some digital sound backing Miryo too. Truthfully the beat is very nice but I feel bored with the repetitive way.

^::^the 8th : Moody Night, I don’t feeling good with the song. I can’t understand, it’s a little uncertain.

^::^the 9th: the one and only that remained, of course “Strange Days”. As the title goes on, this is a strange track. I can’t get into it. Quite vague to learn this.

credits: KPoparchives – Korean Musique