[Single] MBLAQ – Just BLAQ

Title: The 1st Single Album – Just BLAQ
Artist: MBLAQ
Conductor: JTune Entertainment
Release date: 2009.10.14
Language: Korean
Total Size: 17.8 MB


  1. Oh yeah
  2. G.O.O.D Luv
  3. My Dream

My Rating: 9/10

~`* Oh Yeah – I think the intro is quite such a spainish classic tune. And I think that Rain who start the narration. And the beat started then the boys rapped. It’s hot. I like the way it start. The “Oh Yeah” section was going so repetitive, they need to fix it with some fresh part rather than that chorus. I also catch some 2PM sense on this. Even the guy who chanted like “oh Yeah..Oh yeah. I’m feeling good” resemble to Taecyeon. XD Maybe just my ear that interpreted like that. Umm..no matter. JYP is still roaming Rain eventhough I feel that he is searching for a brand new style of his curent music company. Great job Rain!!!  Can’t accept that I can’t attend his concert — right when he is here, but also so far. *what is the problem if I talk too much about that producer rather than this new boygroup?? XD*

~`* G.O.O.D Luv Rain’s narration is still available here. OMG. I love the narration, hehe. After followed the boys to finished the song, it really doesn’t make any senses. Can I call this is the worst track overall? Oh Damn…, it’s a so whatever song, I only like the opening section cause their Producer was there. Hahahahaa… !

~`* My Dream – There is no RAIN I hear. Actually it’s ballad turned. The boys have a good harmonization, totally it shows their vocal ability. It’s really nice, I like it the most. The chorus was so knocking down. I’m gonna melting ~_~. Oh I love their voice, I have to learn more stuff about them to know whose that guy that sound the best in my ear. Yeah.. searching for the favourite member. MBLAQ, it’s a hot stuff.

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