[Pict] Rain – Legend of Rainism Live In INDONESIA!!

OMMO!! I’m going melting now! I’m breathless and speechlesss……Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


click the pict to view larger!!!^^

What’s this??? Billie Jean again?? hwaaaaaa…. Love it! Gready wanna watch the video^^


First, I don’t think that the one who took the pict is a good photographer. hehe… Mianhae, but I say the truth.. haha..
I feel bad cause I can’t be there for him last night. I’m very frustated when I face the truth that i can’t watch him live while he dance and sing like crazy on the stage right in my country but I can’t reach there.

to be honest, Oppa…,Wherever you are, you’re still in my heart. *suddenly turning mellow*
Whatever distance, but I feel that you are close to my heart. Touch me on my own and grab my heart. GEeezzz….What I’m talking about?? *going crazy*

credits: myownsecretmind & B_rain @rainindonesia

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