[Pict] Sandara Park’s Two Pieces Photoshoot in Philipine Men Magazine


These pict were taken from a Philipine Men Magazine. Now, these picts are everywhere, so many people take a different eyes for her right now.I never expect this. in her group she looked the cutest and act sweetly.
OMG, eventhough it’s just two pieces, I still got a surprising fact of this. She is hot, but why she changed int a cute style while she has grown up and more mature right now.

[Single] MBLAQ – Just BLAQ

Title: The 1st Single Album – Just BLAQ
Artist: MBLAQ
Conductor: JTune Entertainment
Release date: 2009.10.14
Language: Korean
Total Size: 17.8 MB


  1. Oh yeah
  2. G.O.O.D Luv
  3. My Dream

My Rating: 9/10

~`* Oh Yeah – I think the intro is quite such a spainish classic tune. And I think that Rain who start the narration. And the beat started then the boys rapped. It’s hot. I like the way it start. The “Oh Yeah” section was going so repetitive, they need to fix it with some fresh part rather than that chorus. I also catch some 2PM sense on this. Even the guy who chanted like “oh Yeah..Oh yeah. I’m feeling good” resemble to Taecyeon. XD Maybe just my ear that interpreted like that. Umm..no matter. JYP is still roaming Rain eventhough I feel that he is searching for a brand new style of his curent music company. Great job Rain!!!  Can’t accept that I can’t attend his concert — right when he is here, but also so far. *what is the problem if I talk too much about that producer rather than this new boygroup?? XD*

~`* G.O.O.D Luv Rain’s narration is still available here. OMG. I love the narration, hehe. After followed the boys to finished the song, it really doesn’t make any senses. Can I call this is the worst track overall? Oh Damn…, it’s a so whatever song, I only like the opening section cause their Producer was there. Hahahahaa… !

~`* My Dream – There is no RAIN I hear. Actually it’s ballad turned. The boys have a good harmonization, totally it shows their vocal ability. It’s really nice, I like it the most. The chorus was so knocking down. I’m gonna melting ~_~. Oh I love their voice, I have to learn more stuff about them to know whose that guy that sound the best in my ear. Yeah.. searching for the favourite member. MBLAQ, it’s a hot stuff.

[Pict] Rain – Legend of Rainism Live In INDONESIA!!

OMMO!! I’m going melting now! I’m breathless and speechlesss……Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


click the pict to view larger!!!^^

What’s this??? Billie Jean again?? hwaaaaaa…. Love it! Gready wanna watch the video^^


First, I don’t think that the one who took the pict is a good photographer. hehe… Mianhae, but I say the truth.. haha..
I feel bad cause I can’t be there for him last night. I’m very frustated when I face the truth that i can’t watch him live while he dance and sing like crazy on the stage right in my country but I can’t reach there.

to be honest, Oppa…,Wherever you are, you’re still in my heart. *suddenly turning mellow*
Whatever distance, but I feel that you are close to my heart. Touch me on my own and grab my heart. GEeezzz….What I’m talking about?? *going crazy*

credits: myownsecretmind & B_rain @rainindonesia

[Single] F(X) – Chu


Title: The 1st Single – Chu
Artist: f(x)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2009.11.11
Language: Korean
Total Size: 25.87 MB

  1. Chu
  2. Step By Me
  3. You Are My Destiny (feat. Luna & Crystal)

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My Rating: 7/10

~`* Chu – It’s bubbling catchy. Really need so many multiple time to accept it as a good song. Not so many things that amazed me. They sound worse than their LaChATA or Chocolate Love. Amber sound so contrast with her rapping while the others just doing the cutest or whatever sweet it is going to be. They didn’t prove some vocal skill. Eventhough I got some space like SNSD in the cute sense, I would like to hear the girls more like their Chocolate Love. They’re promoted as SHINee female version. So that label should prove that they have a up-beat electronic or hip-hop style, not just a cute hip-hop like SNSD’s.

~`*Step By Me – The first track is better. But in this track, I can hear their clear voice in the verse. Of course, they need to improve it. Crystal’s voice annoying me a bit. She just convert this song into an SNSD element. She always done her part good but she has a similar voice like her Jessica unni. That’s why I feel it.

~`* You Are My Destiny – OMG.. Luna and Crystal. Finally, these two got a duet song. The title reminds me to YoonA’s debut drama, haha.. what’s the context?! Ignore it. Okay, It’s ballad that totally perfomed their delicate voice harmonization. Crystal sound like Jessica in some way but she can fix it in a good way when she started the high pitch. Not like her unni that sound awkward and pretend to be good in some adlib or high pitch.  Gghhhh.. This dongsaeng is so better in everything compared with her sibling. And…..Luna. Oh yeah, my dear favourite vocalist in f(X). She has done it well too. I expect that she would be the next amazing generation of SM family. Her vocal ability is comparable with SM upper class voice like TaeYeon.