[Mini Album] 2PM – Time For Change

Title: The 2nd Mini Album – Time For Change
Artist: 2PM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.04.24
Language: Korean
Total Size: 39 MB


  1. What Time Is It Now
  3. Niga Mibda ( I Hate You)
  4. Doraoljido Molla
  5. Again & Again [R&B Mix]
  6. Again & Again [instrumental]
  7. Niga Mibda ( I Hate You) [instrumental]
  8. Doraoljido Molla [instrumental]

My Rating: 9/10

.:What Time Is It Now – it’s just an intro, like the boy said “I say,what Time Is It now? Do you hear it?”. A good rendetion for an introduce album. Like it.

.:Again & Again – The opening tune is so funy. Why I say  it’s funny? It’s catchy, like this. The rapping part is hot, some word reminds me to Yoobin’s So Hot rap. Hah no matter, the one that compossed it is still JYP. Fpr the truth, Jay is almost my favourite finding, his voice resemble to Taeyang a bit. But Jay can dig some vibration that he always did. Eventhough it sound so over a bit. Haha.. I just say the truth. really disappointed when this good leader leave the group. He need back. Again and again, he need did some stuffs for me, the dance and music. Again and Again…

.:Niga Mibda (I Hate You) When I heard it, I quite disatisfied. But my friend showed me the performance of this song, and absolutely I adour Taecyeon’s rap stage the most. OMG!! So gentle. He is so mature and gentle. One thing that I also like from this song is Khun’s part. ^^ Nice part.

.:Doraoljido Molla – How can I describe it?? I don’t feel anything special in this song. Nothing. Even I seldom to play it.

.:Again & Again [R&B Mix] – Why they say it’s R&B mix?? It’s totally R&B in the original version. Mm.. can’t understand. But sure I understand the smooth voice and nice random rap in this version. I can hear Jay’s husky chorus and Taecyeon’s gentle rap that I always love. The beat is turned slow but it’s just so good. JYP always has a good remix in every songs. Wonder it so much. Love it.

.:Again & Again [instrumental] – haha.. the funny beat. Sometimes I played this to imitate 2PM dance while I move like a bumpy bread. Hahahahaa… XD

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