[Single] Tohoshinki – Survivor

Title: The 26th Album – Survivor
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.03.11
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 38.71 MB


01 Survivor
02 Take Your Hands
03 Survivor –Seven Seas Premium- [REMIX]
04 Survivor(Less Vocal)
05 Take Your Hands(Less Vocal)

My rating: 6/10

Am I too heartless to give them “6/10”. Hehehhhe,,, depend on the songs. You can hear that this single is not a big amazing single. The track that maybe flow well on your ear is “Survivor” of course.

~* Survivor – For me, I just like Survivor and the less vocal version. OMG!! Even the less vocal can win my heart rather than the song that they sing. My friend said that the intro of the song reminds her with the Euro 2008. Hahaa.. soccer victim. She is very funny. But I do feel so. It resemble that Euro 2008 theme indeed. Just hear the less vocal version clearly, it’s really similar. Kkekkekekee… XD

~* Take Your Hands I really can’t like Take Your Hands even when I heard the remix I still in my final shoes. Can’t love it. Can’t do anything. I just give up.

~* Survivor –Seven Seas Premium- [REMIX] – Oh-My-Gold, it’s damn crazy. I feel like I through the hot desert and wh-wh-what’s that hindi beat. Hahaaa… nice interaction.

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