[Album] Tohoshinki – The Secret Code

TSC cover
Title: The 4th Album – The Secret Code
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release Date: 2009.03.25
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 160 MB


Disc 1

01 Secret Game
03 Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou?
04 Nobody Knows
05 Beautiful You
06 Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget)
07 9095
08 Mirotic
10 Stand Up!
11 Survivor
12 Kiss The Baby Sky
13 Bolero
14 9096 (Hidden Track)

Disc 2

  1. We Are
  2. Take Your Hands – I,am.electro REMIX-
  3. Box In The Ship
  4. Sennen Koi uta ( A Thousand Years Love Song)
  5. Purple Line

My Rating: 8/10

The cover is so large size, just click to view ir. It reminds me the most to the Forever Love cover.

Disc 1 : It is consist of a lot of tracks OhMyGold. OK Let’s start it..

  1. SECRET GAME – I can’t say that it’s a good song. Their voice is too much effects. It’s not a big special. The tune is messy, jazz and rhythm with a short duration. It’s all I can say.
  2. 2. FORCE – a gentle tune to start a song. I learn it a bit, because the intro sound great. Untill hear it merely a few times, I don’t think that I’m going crazy over this. The chorus  disappointed me a bit. I hope I can get the instrumental or less vocal version. The R&B beat is nice to backing me while I start moving.hahaha
  3. 3. Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou – tell me if I typed too fas or named it wrong.XD *joking*. I have heard and watch this for how many time..,eh!!! The beating tune is very nice to harmonized the breezy piano and Tohoshinki’s softful voice. When Jaejoong reached the high note and said like “Kangaeta…Kangaeta”,  I feel like this song tried to reach my heart *eh, what the hell*. That’s my favourite part. Jaejoong is the best part of it.
  4. 4. Nobody Knows – When I heard the teaser version, it’s felt so nice and I expect it will growing on my ear well. Yes, it prove it when I grab this song. Junsu is my best finding of all part. But in some way, I feel bored for the repetitive way.
  5. 5. Beautiful You – I can’t expect that this is a hit song. The first time I heard it, I would think that Tohoshinki will got a low sales of this song but OMG..this is one of the smash hit. Really growing well on me when I try my best to hear it. They have a good vibration with this kind of song can prove their ability. Jaejoong is the one that sound very sexy…Ommo I’m going melting. And When Junsu turned in the chorus, I hope that he is trying to describe me everytime he sings “You’re such a beautiful woman”. Hahahahaa… *going crazy*.
  6. 6. Wasurenaide – Ommoni, Jaejoong oppa wrote this song. A heartquake ballad and mellow harmonization. Junsu took the first chorus, waaa.. he never fail me with his hoarse voice. I love it so much. Jaejoong also took the chorus but I prefer the Junsu’s version. Yoochun and Changmin sang the bridge, they sound well but Changmin sound awkward a bit untill their voice faded into the high note and yeah..my Junsu turned again. Ommo, I like the part. Junsu’s tremble vibration and of course his hoarse voice. This kind of my favourite ballad among this album alongside the top Doushite. ^^
  7. 7. 9095 – Jaejoong compossed this song. It’s a little horror everytime I hear it. Hehe.., It flows so difficult in my ear. The great emotion and a random foreign language that I can’t understand. Jaejoong added it with a echoing voice. I don’t know what’s language that he sings but sure it’s not japanese or english or korean. Overall It’s quite good and I just understand the way they say “9095”.
  8. 8. Mirotic – this song isn’t so hyper like the korean version. Yunho’s rap is not so unique like the korean. Totally the korean version is really better than this one.
  9. 9. TAXI – I thought this one is a good ballad. They show their vocal ability as well. I like it a bit but got so frustated with the long duration.
  10. 10. Stand Up! it’s such my favourite new added song. The way it turned nis just so different. Maybe it will reminds us with their R&B Jazz “NO”. Yeah, the atmosphere is just similar. Got so addicted with their “tion tion tion” repetitive lyric.
  11. 11. Survivor – Like I’ve ever said, this kind of Euro 2008 theme song. Haha.. Overall, I’m addicted to the song since I notice that beat. Not so fond to their vocal. I like the beat only.
  12. 12. Kiss The Baby Sky – I feel a little awkward to hear this kind of song. Yoochun rapped in the first is quite good. I just love that part. Nothing at all.
  13. 13. Bolero – it doesn’t matter to grab a super long duration for such a perfection like this song. It’s really suit for the movie, the ballet dance and smooth move. OMG. I’m going crazy over to their ability i n this type of song. They’re really great. Their interpretation is so wonderful.
  14. 14. 9096 (Hidden Track) – nothing special. The random melody and random voice. I keep on missunderstand about this song.

Disc 2:

  1. We Are – it is a cover song for anime One Piece. Tney sound rock as the beat trembling. I think they start a new formula again in this song. Rock and Pop. It’s so anime. The one who pretty match to this type of song is of course Jaejoong. ^^.Awesome.
  1. Take Your Hands – I,am.electro REMIX- – what’s better out of the original version? It’s still not going well on my ear, even when I tried to learn it. Ckkckc…
  2. Box In The Ship – taken from the Doushite single, it is match for the summer song. Catchy and so bubbling. I like it. Especially their “O eh o eh o..” , hahahaa.. it is a unique part.
  3. Sennen Koi Uta – I have heard the korean version. Nothing different. The both have a same level in my mind. Not so fond at all.
  4. Purple Line – OMMO….my favourite dance track ever. I can’t stop to replay this one. After the single, in the album, the korean version, and the MV, I like it all. I can say that this is the most freaking memorible song that made me scream in the first time I heard it. The beat is just so my type. Can’t stop laughing everytime I remember the way I scream in my room while listening to this perfection. Junsu is one and only. He sound so hoarse and sexy. Like he sound in the “Right Now” section. Ommo love that part.

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