[Single] Tenjochiki – Piranha


Title: The 5th Single – Piranha

Artist: Tenjochiki

Conductor: AVEX Trax

Release date: 2007.08.01

Language: Japanese

Total Size: 52 MB



  1. Piranha
  2. My Everything
  3. Just For One Day (feat. Jaejoong from Tohoshinki)
  4. The Club – STY Gin n’ Tonic Remix [feat. SEAMO]
  5. Piranha [less vocal]
  6. My Everything [less vocal]
  7. Just For One Day [less vocal with Jaejoong]
  8. Just For One Day [less vocal with Tenjochiki]

My Rating: 9/10

~*: Piranha – first time I heard it, I would mind that it’s messy, hahaha. But it grew fast and well I’m addicted. Their super power voice ability is really cool. The beat is quite repetitive, whereas it’s still nice to hear. I bet it’s one of the best released single that they have. Though it’s up-beat dance, they still show their spectacular voice. Ommo. The girls really made me going jealous. Ckckc.. Now I don’t doubt to paste them as my favourite girls group.

~*: My Everything – Compared with the korean version, this is the worst. I can’t hear Stephanie’s smooth vibration, they didn’t fix it in a good way. Only Lina who sound the best.

~*:Just For One Day [feat. Jaejoong] – I have reviewed it in their post about Graceful 4. It’s quite different. This version is nice ballad, not a jazz like the album version. It’s shorter, they turned into the chorus after the bridge, not like the album version that it turned into a tune after that. Vocally, The girls harmonized it well alongside JaeJoong, but Jaejoong has a lot of parts compared with 4 girls.

~*: The Club – STY Gin n’ Tonic Remix [feat. SEAMO] – the beat is very match to the song, while the girls didn’t sound different rather than the original version. Seamo rapped very cool, but I still love the original version more.

2 thoughts on “[Single] Tenjochiki – Piranha

  1. Dayne says:

    I really liked My everything… the musicality is really mellow and nice. Its got a sweet melody and i think its one of the best

  2. youngladyjunsu says:

    Yes.. I absolutely love it. I can say that it’s my favourite song ever. The girls and the song. They sing very well.., but why I feel they’re quite under-rate. T_T They wasn’t promoted well by their agency.

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