[Digital Single] Girls` Generation – Chocolate Love


Title: Chocolate Love
Artist: Girls`Generation
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2009.10 .08
Language: Korean
Total Size: 10 MB

  1. Chocolate Love (retro version)
  2. Chocolate Love [instrumental]

.:Download full tracks:.

My Rating: 10/10

~* Chocolate Love (retro pop) – I never know that they would release such a song like this. Haha.. great feeling. SNSDjjang^^. Some of the beat just reminds me to Wonder Girls, yeah their NOBODY. Since it all were remixed from an old beat style. It was very good to the girl for singing a song like this, though I feel there are some sides that have no part.

..Little bit arise, I think Yoona showed her voice well, her part is pretty match to her voice color. Tiffany also did her part very well, eventhough she sings it in the English accent, she still done it well with her delicate voice.

..I see Sunny has a great contribution voice to this song too, she also joins in the adlib area while Jessica and Taeyeon of course. But I feel bad that Seohyun just receive a minim part. -_-. I love Seohyun.

~*Chocolate Love (instrumental) – I really love to hear this. Sometimes I’ll sing and did a karaoke motion if I played this. LOL. Nice beat and very catchy.^^

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