[Album] BoA – Atlantis Princess


Title: 3rd Korean Album – Atlantis Princess
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2003.05.30
Language: Korean
Total Size: 65 MB



01 Time To Begin
02. Atlantis Princess
03. Tree
04. Milky Way
05. Beat Of Angel
06. Gift
07. Where Are You
08. Make A Move
09. So Much In Love
10. Endless Sorrow
11. The Show Must Go On
12. The Lights of Seoul (Korean Version)
13. The Lights of Seoul (English Version)

My Rating: 7/10

I can say nothing for this album. I just keep on listen to the whole tracks till it grow on my ears, but I just can’t do anything again. Some tracks maybe sound amazing a bit but mostly I can’t get into the song sense. Some tracks that maybe attracted me are Where Are You, Milky Way and So Much In Love. That’s all ^^

Credits: yo0njin@boajjang

[Digital Single] f(x) – Chocolate Love

f(x) - coverf(x)

Title: Chocolate Love
Artist: f(x)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2009.10.08
Language: Korean
Total Size: 9.8 MB

1.Chocolate Love (electronic version)
2.Chocolate Love [instrumental]

.:Download full tracks:.

My Rating: 10/10

~*Chocolate Love (electronic pop) – I’d absolutely prefer this one. I am just that type of girl that like and upbeat and hip hop style, no wonder that I prefer this one than the retro version. The reff also going on my mind very well.

I saw Crystal turned first. She has a great role in the song. Just like her unni, she has a similar voice. Though it was, it can’t mean that I don’t like her voice, since I don’t like Jessica’s voice. XD. Crystal just sound quite deeper, and not so awkward when she reached the high note, so I mention that I love her voice^^. Beside Crystal I still have my favourite member Luna, hehe. I like a singer that so multitalented, that’s why I love Luna the most. She doesn’t fail me and I’m just amazed day by day. I think she did the adlib and Crystal did so. Wow.. new best combo^^. Okay, we also have our female-turning-male rapper right? Lol. Yeah Amber did her rap so well, but it’s a bit short and I don’t feel it’s her best rapping. She need show it in the other song clearly. Go Amber!!! For Victoria and Suli, they just sing their same part in the 1st verse and 2nd verse. Suli sound different compared with the La cHA TA, she didn’t show her cute skill or sweet voice. She has improved it.^^ In the other side, I just never hear Victoria’s voice in a clear way, I think she need another part that prove her vocal ability. Overall f(x) makes me wonder. Wonder f(x)^^

~*Chocolate Love (instrumental) – since I like to singing, I think it’s alright that I replay this track in the big time. Haha.. the beat has a great motion visualisation and perfect beat. I really love it. I’ll dance or singing like f(x) when the beat turned. Lol *crazyladyjunsu*