[Single] 2 PM – Hottest Time of the Day

Title: Hottest Time of The Day
Artist: 2PM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2008.09.05
Language: Korean
Total Size: 30.3 MB


  1. 10 Points out of 10
  2. Only You
  3. Angel
  4. 10 Points out of 10 (Old School version)
  5. 10 Points out of 10 (instrumental)
  6. Only You (instrumental)

My Rating: 8/10

I like the fist track a bit. The song that attracted me the most is Only You. It’s nice and soft R&B. Overall it still catch a lot of JYP passion on it. Yeah..! JYP is a great songwriter.

[Album] 183 Club – The First Album

Title: The First Album
Artist: 183 Club
Release: 2006.09.01
Language: Mandarin
Total Size: 37 MB

01. Chess for Two
02. One Umbrella
03. Deceive
04. Conquer The Whole World
05. Anniversary
06. Lemon Dream
07. I’m So Hot
08. Love on Sale
09. Once Again
10. Hero

My Rating: 10/10

Overall I really love to this album. Especially that track “One Umbrella”, OMG it’s a great ballad track. The melody really grow on me well. That’s my favourit song. In the other side, they also give some upbeat tarcks like the first track and of course the hit “I’m So Hot”. Totally it’s all really good. I recommend you should try it. ^^

I do hope the group can merge together again. I’m a big fan, but the group disbanded with an unclear reason. That’s too bad.