[Mini Album] SHINee – ROMEO


Title: The 2nd Mini Album – ROMEO
Artist: SHINee
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2009
Language: Korean
Total Size: 31.5 MB


  1. Talk To You
  2. Juliette
  3. Hit Me
  4. Senorita
  5. Please, Don’t Go
  6. Romeo+Juliette

My Rating: 6/10

First I would say that I just love HIT ME in the first hearing. Then I start to like Talk To You and the ballad track Please Don’t Go a bit! Juliette didn’t work on me well. Formerly, I think that it supposed to be a good song, since the idea of the title was really interesting. But right then, they released it and I listen it for the first time. All that I can say is just “it’s not so good”. Compared with Noona You’re So Pretty, Love Like Oxygen and Amigo, this is the worst hit song. I can conclude that SHINee stuff kinda start to down to low quality vocal ability in that time. They debuted as the R&B and up-beat group, but they also featured in such a pop-dim songs like Bodyguard and Stand By Me. It was the time of I was kind of the final disappointed to their management. They were like gaining the popularity with all the popular thing that become popular in the recent time, in the other hand, they didn’t focus on their major style. It’s okay that they start a something new, but it’s not the same like this. Their management looked like forced them to release something with whatever it is, but in point it will promoted them and gain their popularity (also gain the conductor money^^), such featured to the drama soundtrack that hey…..they’re much better in R&B, not that kind of music. I don’t know what’s SM plan to this group.

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