[Mini Album] SHINee – 2009, Year of Us

Title: The 3rd Mini Album – Year of Us
Artist: SHINee
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2009.10.20
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 48.05 MB

01 Y.O.U
02 Ring Ding Dong
03 JoJo
04 Get Down
05 SHINee Girl
06 내가 사랑했던 이름 (The Name I Loved)

.:Download full tracks:.

My Rating: 9/10

I feel their music got better. Oh How Gee! Mostly it has a good songs.

~: Y.O.U – After 1000###### times heard Ring Ding Dong, I bet this is one of my favourite track along this mini album. It’s not so up-beat but not ballad. How should I call it? Surely it grow with a slow electronic beat. Yes, it’s good. My Key n Bling Bling sings really well. But why I feel that it’s not an original song? I mean, just like “Hit Me” that remix from a western song. It’s felt like I ever hear this kind of song. Whatever it is, they bring it in a good way too^^

~: Ring Ding Dong – Do I need to talk about how good this song is? First, I am just so deep in laugh to heard how they voiced “Ring Ding Dong” or even “Ling Ding Dong”?? And the repetitive part resemble to Super Junior – SORRY SORRY. Hahahaaa… so fantastic. XD! Ohno, what the hell with that So Fantastic and So Elastic going to be? I think Key grab that part. Wwaaaaww… everytime I listen to that part, it’s kind of embarrassing to fantasized it. Gee^^! One of the other embarrassing part is when the music knock down and they sing like “break down break down”, then the part is going like “ding ding dung dung” hahaaa… Who is it. Sound like Taemin or my Bling Bling^^. That’s all that I can say. I think I need to stop in this line before I find another embarrassing part. 😀

~: JoJo – I would think that it’s good song but it’s upset to face the truth that I’m kind of disappointed. What’s JoJo meaning? Previously, I think it’s a name of girl, since there is a western singer named Jojo. Hohho!

~: Get Down – It’s quite messy. The rapped over on that mess. Hah! Key and Minho are so hot. I feel like Big Bang. Ommo, it’s just a non-stop rapping song, and that yelled like “Get Down” just really annoying. Some of that there is also a female voice sing randomly. I think it’s all about Key and Minho hear.

~: SHINee Girl – This is a good recommend song too. But again, the chorus just reminds me to some songs randomly. It’s so familiar but I don’t remember it. The last beat is so nice, so hip hop! Mm.. I wanna be SHinee girl. It will be so fun. ^^

~: The Name I Loved – the name I loved?? I hope it’ will going on to LadyJunsu or my real name. hahahaaa…. Okay! this is a serious song, stop kidding. I think Onew quite dominated this song or is it that 5 SHINee boys sing this?? I think I heard a stranger. *Just info, I am not attracted to Onew’s voice* It’s amazing in the last part. From the start and the end it bring a good emotional ballad. Though it’s nice and slow, it’s really contrast to the other track. New formula XD.

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