[Album] BoA – Valenti

Title: The 2nd Japanese Album – Valenti
Artist: BoA
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2003.01.29
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 46.6 MB

01. Valenti
02. Jewel Song
03. B.I.O
04. Sekai no Katasumi de
05. Kiseki
06. Winding Road (feat. Dabo)
07. Searching For Truth
08. Moon & Sunrise
09. Discovery
10. Flower
11. Beside You ~Boku wo Yobu Koe~
12. Feel The Same
13. No. 1

My Rating: 9/10

.:: Valenti – Kinda addicted to this song. It was too good. BoA sound powerful. Listen to the intro when She sang like “oh oh oh.oh oh oh….”. Reminds me to something a bit. It is a bit similar with NO.1. Right! It is BoA, it’s not matter.

.:: Jewel Song
– it is so nice. So relaxing and peaceful. The lyric is matching to the melody. The English first line in every verse made it heard so beautiful. All about it is good except the long duration that supposed to made me bored soon. I hope it won’t.

.:: B.I.O
– what the heck of B.I.O talking about? I’m too fool to understand it. I think BoA tried to retard her voice in the chorus. It should be good as long as the beat is not going like this. Actually she sound good with the retarted part. If we replaced the instrument with the beat like SNSD’s Chocolate Love or f(x)’s Chocolate Love, it will be great.

.:: Sekai no Katasumi de
– I like she has another instrument such guitar or violin in her other song. I like the beat goes on. It grows a bit. Though it was good, I am not so over to it.

.:: Kiseki
– It was trying violin a bit. I can’t get into the song till the chorus knock me down. When I wanna sing this song, I always start it from the chorus since the verse doesn’t work with my mind.

.:: Winding Road (feat. Dabo)
– Yeah.. I really love this track. First, Dabo turned with his pure rap. Not so powerful and soft just like the song. Whereas the title is pretty sweet for the song concept, I can feel that I stand in the silent winding road with throwing my hand to the air. OhMyGod, I am too much fantasized. That’s all that I feel. It’s a perfection.^^

.:: Searching For Truth
– I expect that I won’t like it. In merely I’ve ever like it for a reason such the chorus is quite good. It wasn’t going so long till then I don’t like it again. XD

.:: Moon & Sunrise
– captured with a melancholic piano, it through the duration with a nice melody. It’s ballad but I don’t feel so many pains. (^^,)

.:: Discovery
– the intro start with a faded in sound. It catch a same beat with Winding Road. I love the random piano tune. But I stopped when I heard the chorus. Minus for the chorus, I am not so fond to it. The smooth intro teased me a lot.

.:: Flower
– BoA narrated in the first and then she turned to the song. Love the way it start. Just the way it start. ^^

.:: Beside You ~Boku wo Yobu Koe~
– it was featured in Jewel Song single too. The instrument copied NO.1 and ID Peace a lot. Just like how she always sings and how her beat always beating. It’s not so special. So classic for BoA.

.:: Feel The Same
– This is such another berst finding. It doesn’t capture a classic up beat like No.1 that she always use in her Japanese stuff. Whereas it’s still so catchy, and so BoA, the beat is going well and it’s growing so much on my heart. I very love it.

.:: No. 1
– Of course it is a good song. Pride to be the composser. The instrument gives a different way of the Korean version. I prefer this one. The beat harmonized BoA’s voice very well that it was pretty match for a teenager style.  When the part “tu ru ru tu tu” came, I feel like I was breathing and flew away. The song really makes me going high. It’s a number one song of this album that I like.

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