[Album] BoA – NO. 1

Title: The 2nd Korean Album – NO.1
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2002.04.12
Language: Korean
Total Size: 63 MB

1. NO. 1
2. My Sweetie
3. 늘 (Waiting)
4. Tragic
5. Shy Love
6. Day
7. Dear My Love
8. 난 (Beat It!)
9. P.O.L. (Power of Love)
10. My Genie
11. Pain-Love
12. Happiness Lies
13. Realize (Stay With Me)
14. Azalea
15. Listen To My Heart (Bonus Track)
16. NO. 1 (English Version)

My Rating: /10

1.NO. 1 – finally, this is the 2nd album but she named it No.1! :D! It’s okay, BoA is still No. 1! Anyway, I just found it after I heard the Japanese version. I prefer the Japanese version but it doesn’t mean that this track is not good, it’s still a good track.This version is quite slow. I love her Korean stuff more, eventhough sometimes she seem like sound so harsh. Just like this song, when she reached the chorus, it’s like she pulled a lot of her power in the throat. XD

2. My Swetie – I love the way it start, but when I followed it till the end, I’m not so attracted. BoA’s voice is still so petite and cute^^

3.Waiting – OMG! It’s a ballad song. The piano and the touched melody. Ohh Goshh,…I bet you will cry if you took one of your sad memory and hear this. Oh guys, let’s wipe your tear. She is very good in ballad. I like her petite voice. For her Korean ballad, I tell you that I always love it. She is pretty much to the ballad songs. I can hear her voice clearly. Amazing! Maybe her Korean accent prefer to sing the ballad than the electronic song. It’s just my though, don’t trust me! Haha!

4.Tragic – Kinda Britney Spears. Lol. If you remember the beat in the Britney and Backstreet Boys era in 90s, you will found the same though with me. Just for how the intro start. Whatever with that. For me, I’m not so kind of interested. She sings like usual, but she said “Crazy” sound like “Craeji”. Hahaaaa… fantastic.

5.Shy Love – It’s a sweet bubble song. Hear how she sound “in my life” in the first, she sound airy and pretty sweet. It turned into a rap part in the middle, it’s not BoA but a male rapper. Hey.. isn’t it weird to add it in this kind of sweet song? while the other up-beat or electronic tracks didn’t containt a rap part. Haha.  Just hope the customer will like it. (customer???

6.Day – When I got it the volume of this track is quite low. Then I render it again. But guys,. I wouldn’t talk about how I got it but how the song feels like and my statement is ‘nothing special’. Heheee… it’s just a first hearing, maybe I will start to like it later.^^ Peace

7. Dear My Love – Okay! Ballad again. Yezz, I love it. I’m just in the mood on ballad right now, quite boring with the electronic music. Well by the chance my review is not always going on what I think in the first, Don’t trust me! XD hehe. Compared with the previous ballad track (wow.. back to the song), it’s not better, it’s just flow like how it should goes like. The saxophone make it a fresh element. Such a different song of BoA.

8. Beat It! – It’s up beat. The chorus really makes any sense and the rap part was placed in the right track. Hehe. BoA dubbed the chorus in the different note. Maybe bass and high. It’s good to hear it like there are two people that sing it. When I first see the title, I think she would make a rendition of Michael Jackson – Beat It! Hahaaa…damn ladyjunsu^^

9. P.O.L (Power of Love) – Again the title is too familiar that I think it a rendition of Celine Dion – Power of Love. Haha. But it’s not. I don’t know how to commented it, the tune is beating. I didn’t think that I like it but the chorus is so good. In the middle right to the end, she was kind like waste her vocal for the long space I think, the end verse heard like it has no sense the previous part.

10. My Genie – Amazing ballad again. Her voice felt so soft. Why she always sound like forced all her strength in the throat? She has a petite voice but it’s tsill awkward to hear she sound like that eventhough she has a different vocal color and always end it up well. The song’s felt like so many semi-high note that increased into a higher note and BoA need to balanced her voice while it’s not too low and not even high. The end part is nnot exected, it end like that? So instantly. She need another high note to make a song feel so breezy and deeper. Yez!

11. Pain-Love – It’s not so different. A catchy pop song like she always sing and a random weird rap. Not so special.

12. Happiness Lies – A catchy pop again. The instrument is the same but the melody and tone is different. I don’t have anything to say.

13. Realize (Stay With Me) – Nothing special. It’s just like the way she always sings.

14. Azalea – The title is weird, but hey everybody……you must download it. It’s a nice slow song. The narration was stated by a man, I don’t know who is he, he is not so good in saying it. Haha! About BoA, I really enjoy her voice, she gave a smooth vibration while the boy also followed her and adlibbing randomly. Who is he??? He sound well. He is nice to backing BoA’s soft vocal. Just hear how he gave a long adlib in the last chorus, Oh No! He sound really amazing. A good perfection. Nice combo^^

15. Listen To My Heart (Bonus Track) – it’s just a Korean translation from the Japanese. But the chorus felt like the backing vocal did it quite strong so BoA’s petite vocal help. I still love the Japanese version more. BoA sings well on it but she’ve done a good collaboration with her backing in this version.

16. NO.1 (English Version) – This is an English version of the NO.1, but the instrument was recruited from the Japanese version. It’s more up-beat. Her English is not going so well, she just has an accent. So stiff. The word that she mimed good is “You Still My Number One”, even I though it will going better with “you’re still my number one”, but the lyric that I got said “you still my number one”. Hmm… *dilemma*. Just return it to BoA unnie. Let’s her fix it^^.

Credits: yo0njin@boajjang

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