My special gift for BoA 23rd Birthday


~* Collaboration Work *~

Artist: BoA, Koda Kumi, TVXQ, Akon, Westlife, Florida, Junsu, Sunday, Changmin, Lina, Ryeowook, Yesung, The Trax
Language: Japanese, English


1. Eat You Up –remix version- (feat. Florida)
2. Beautiful (feat. Akon & Kardinal Offishall)
3. TRIANGLE (feat. TVXQ, The Trax)
4. Oh Holy Night (feat. TVXQ)
5. The Meaning of Peace (feat. Koda Kumi)
6. A Shell Necklace (feat. Junsu, Sunday, Changmin, Lina, Ryeowook, Yesung)
7. Flying Without Wings (feat. Westlife)

~* Acapella Work *~

Artist: BoA
Language: Japanese

1. Brand New Beat
2. Winter Love
3. Every Heart
4. Everlasting
5. Kimi No Tonari De
6. Dakishimeru

.:My Artwork for BoA unni^^:.

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But please NO SPREAD please! I just need a little respect and I appreciate all of your comments. Peace^^ and Happy Birthday BoA unni

[Album] BoA – Listen To My Heart

Title: The 1st Japanese Album – Listen To My Heart
Artist: BoA
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2002.03.13
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 52.5 MB


01. Listen To My Heart
02. Power
03. Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- (Inuyasha theme song)
04. Don’t Start Now
05. Kimochi wa Tsutawaru
06. Share Your Heart (With Me)
07. Dreams Come True
08. Amazing Kiss
09. Happiness
10. Id; Peace B
11. Nobody But You
12. Nothing’s Gonna Change
13. Listen To My Heart (Hex Hecter Main Mix: English Version)
14. The Meaning Of Peace (feat. Koda Kumi)

My Rating: 9/10

*~: Listen To My Heart – I bet you’re who’s BoA addictioner will so wellkown to this song. And yeah.. we know it’s a good song right. It’s one of my favourite up-beat song released by her. The beat through the song is so different. BoA also sings it so good. Overall I like it.

– the song goes with the rock type. Glad that she tried another element. Glad to her staff too^^. She is rock.

*~:Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-
– Since it’s a theme song of famous anime Inuyasha. This is the first song that I heard from her stuff. I think this is the most famous song in her record. Even some of my friends that don’t know about her have known about this song. Of course, the song is so good and so chummy to everybody’s ear. The ballad through her sound. It’s so nice.

*~:Don’t Start Now
– it’s bubble song. I think it’s just too much electronic sound. I like it for some reasons that unclear in a clear way. Some people of course will love it.

*~:Kimochi wa Tsutawaru
– It start in a different weird sound. When it grew into the chorus, I stop to amazed it. I don’r like the chorus.

*~:Share Your Heart (With Me) –
As the Korean version goes by. I also love this version, even I love this more.^^

*~:Dreams Come True
– it has a catchy beat. Kinda in the cyber world. It’s not so interesting till BoA’s voice appear. BoA is really good in the refrain.

*~:Amazing Kiss
– it catch a good sweet melody. A breezy guitar open it. BoA sound really young. It was pretty match to the melody. It makes me imagine a young cute girl that feel such amazing kiss. You that love a cute song will love this.

– it’s a good track too. The tempo is quite fast in the first, no matter it still serve us a good voice performance.

*~:Id; Peace B
– it is a Japanese version of her Korean debut. Not so many differents. The beat is just the same. BoA sound better than her debut. Yeah, she improves a lot day by day. I think I would like this version a lot.

*~:Nobody But You –
I’am not in that mood for the song like this. It’s not so bad. I just can’t like the way it beating.

*~:Nothing’s Gonna Change
– a rendition of her Korean song again. It was a beautiful song. As the Korean goes by, it still performed a nice melody from BoA’s voice. It grabs a long duration that I can’t expect while I really enjoy it. It doesn’t matter a long it is a good song to hear in the foggy day.

*~:Listen To My Heart (Hex Hecter Main Mix: English Version)
– it’s all messy.

*~:The Meaning Of Peace (feat. Koda Kumi)
– Great collaboration. I can say it is a good song. But in some notes, BoA sound really low or maybe Kuuchan that was too high. Their voice is not comparable. BoA is so soft and cute while Kuuchan sound so high and  shriek. In the finishing part, I can’t notice where is BoA! Surely they sing together but BoA can’t harmonized Kuuchan’s husky adlib. I think BoA’s voice is suitable for a partner like YUI, Ai Otsuka, Crystal Kay or Ayumi Hamasaki. For Kuuchan, let’s not duet together again. Lol!