[Single] Tenjochiki – HERE


Title: HERE
Artist: Tenjochiki
Released: 2008.10.22
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 26.68 MB


2. Near ~Thoughtful 1220~
3. HERE [instrumental]
4. Near ~Thoughtful 1220~ [Instrumental]

My Rating: 10/10
~*HERE – the intro is such pretty match to my birthday. They harmonized “Happy birthday”…It sound really lovely. The breezy piano tune is OMG damn good! I like the part when Sunday sing while Cliff Edge rapped. Her voice is really soft and tiny. They did it very well. By so far this is the highest release from them. Hope the nex will be better. hwaiting!

~*Near ~Thoughtful 1220~
– I have no idea why it’s called “Near ~Thoughtful 1220~”. 1220??? December 20? or something? well,, it’s still got a same atmosphere like HERE. They sound lovely and the beat grow well on my ear. Stephanie act with her voice. She did it very well.

~*HERE [instrumental] – I am so fond to the tune. The piano just felt like flowing. it’s really lovely.
~*Near ~Thoughtful 1220~[instrumental] – It catch R&B so much. Nice beat.

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