[PV] JUNE Collection

[PV] JUNE – Pride of Tommorow

[PV] Pride of Tomorrow - JUNE (D.Gray-Man 2nd ED) [HI-RES][(006779)19-32-13]

Title: Pride Of Tomorrow
Artist: JUNE
Album: 2nd Single – Pride of Tomorrow
File Type: MP4
Quality: MQ
Size: 22.1 MB

My Rating: 7/10

This is his 2nd single after his hot booming “Baby It’s You”. He dance. Haha.. I don’t know that he can dance. It’s quite dull and bored me. The scene  going changed so fast, I can’t see in the detail the way he dance. I don’t know what the story line talk about, it just showed he dance, he got frustrated and he walk railway track. The light effect is really cool and sometimes got dim. Cool MV lighting.

[PV] JUNE – You and Me

[PV] JUNE - You And Me[(008657)19-43-38]

Title: You and Me
Artist: JUNE
Album: 3rd Single – You And Me
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 89 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 100/100
This is the best MV by so far. JUNE didn’t show his face too much. He is just like singing in the dim room. The story line is so touched. I bet, you need a box of tissue if you would watch it. It tell about a dumb girl that met a singing beggar. They start to meet as often and share so many stories. But right then the boy have to left, they apart in the train station. It’s the touched scene. I almost cry when I saw the boy cried and the girl just left behind alone in the place where they always meet. It hurt. June backing the MV in his delicate voice. Ommona, I feel bad if I was in that shoes.

[PV] JUNE – Always

[PV] JUNE - Always[(001475)12-34-04]

[PV] JUNE - Always[(003345)19-18-53]

Title: Always
Artist: JUNE
Album: 4th Single – Always
File Type: MP4
Quality: MQ
Size: 19.4 MB
Download: Megaupload

My Rating: 8/10
I much prefer if he dance in this MV, but he just walk around, passed a bunch of door and singing passionately. Not so many facial face. He looked so casual with desaturate effect and lighting color. Totally reminds me to Se7en. XD

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