[Single] June – Always


Title: Always
Artist: June
Release Date: 2009.03.11
Language: Japanese, English
Total Size: 11.5 MB


1. Always
2. Reason to believe
3. Can We Talk (JUNE mix)
4. Always (Instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10
How dare this boy just always releases a good stuff but nobody know more about him. Damn!!
1. Always – First, the intro resemble to NeYo – Because of You a lot. Hahaha.. He also sound freakingly like NeYo always did. The breezy piano tune is excellent. But the beat is quite messy in the chorus and he repeat it in a big time. He should give some adlib alongside his delicate and so-called-NeYo voice. Hahaha.. it’s really the same. He copied NeYo a lot. XD

2. Reason To Believe – the serious piano tune featured again in this one. It’s a minor R&B with the noisy hip-hop beat. Accurately, JUNE sound different. He add more English line. He is so flawless, he pronounced the English line well.

3. Can We Talk (JUNE mix) – The song is a remake of the 1993 Tevin Campbell/Babyface single. The beginning intro is quite useless. It take a long second while it doesn’t help into the verse harmony. All the line are English. He sing with his sexy husky English accent again. Ohh God, I need to consider myself as his fan right now. The end part is strange, there is a sound like ‘tik..tok..tik..tok.” just like the sound of people that play their tounge. While JUNE still harmonized the song with the backing. He gave so many hyper adlib that I can’t hide to tell it was annoying a bit. Lol. Anyway, this single is so GOOD!

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