[Mini Album] SHINee – The First Mini Album


Title: The First Mini Album
Artist: SHINee
Release: 2008.05.23
Language: Korean
Size: 27 MB

.:Download Bellow:.

1. Nuna You’re So Pretty (Replay)
2. In My Room
3. Real
4. Love Should Go On
5. Nuna You’re So Pretty [Replay Boom Track]

My Rating: 10/10
OMMONIE!!! Those songs work well in my ear!!! I love Track 1 & track 5 more… hewhe.. Those are the same song but have the different version (instrumental), track 5 is more upbeat.. I catch the HIP HOP atmosphere on it!! The Track 2 is so TOUCHED.., JongHyun has a sexy annoying voice!! I realize this song after hear several times. The Track 3 isn’t good in my hear.., it’s my least favourite! The Track 4 is so HIP HOP, they have much more rapping!! And I’ve watched REPLAY MV, yeah… the dance is …………… *speechless*, I feel like this song that tell about the boy who loves the older girl. Yeah.. NOONA >>>>

1. Noona You’re So Pretty > gee! Envy all the noona that they’ve teased. XP! I bet this is a thrilling song and the best song that they have released ever. The intro is so catchy. I really love it, even I can falling for it in the first listen. They’re great. Eventhough I have a bad first impression to Jonghyun, (I always feel like his voice distract my ear. lol) but Jonghyun can touch my heart and I begin to love him^^. He can sound annoying and reached the high pitch with his weird vibration. Hahaha.. but I love you oppa! The rap is also interesting. Actually I like more key’s rap than Minho. Key also can sing. He gave a little rocking way in his voice during the chorus. I love it! Onew just….mmmm………..how to mention it! His voice just didn’t going good on my ear. He sang like a girl! XD Mianhae, but I feel he always sound like retardedly low. He still a good singer. After hear them, I just can’t mention where is Taemin in this song.

2. In My Room > It’s also a good track. It’s quite different with the track 1. This track is a beautiful ballad that proved their vocal skill. Onew turned first, he sound so friendly, haha..what the hell to say it’s “friendly”. After Onew, Jonghyun turned (or Taemin?), I quite can’t find the difference of the bass voice of them. But I admit that I love Taemin’s voice. I also love the way Jonghyun said “cause you’re still in my room”. He . he . he.. he just touched my heart with his harsh voice.

3. Real > It’s catchy pop. I don’t like it!

4. Love Should Go On > They back to their track 1 genre. I think it completed an overhelmed rapping song that proved MinHo and Key rapping a lot. I just love the way they rapped. I repeat my word, I like Key’s rap more than Minho. ^____^

5. Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay Boom Track) > aww.. a great song again. This is a good remix, even I still love this compared with the first track. The cheering audience start the song and they say “Nuna neomu yeppeo, micheo, replay replay replay!” The beat started, it’s more upbeat and they sang. Ommonie, if I was a Nuna, I would like to have a younger boy like Jonghyun. But If I was not a Nuna I also would like to have a boy such Jonghyun. Hahahaha.. Oh when Jonghyun finished his high line in the chorus the music break up. It’s a good space. Then Jonghyun started it again with his terrible high pitch. XD, Mianhae oppa, I think I bashed you a lot but do you know how your sexy good looking thrilled me!??? Hahaha..LOL! Bling Bling^^

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