[Mini Album] KARA – Pretty Girl


Title: 2nd Mini Album – Pretty Girl

Artist: KARA

Release: 2008.12.04

Conductor: DSP Entertainment

Language: Korean

Total Size: 41.81 MB



  1. Honey
  2. Pretty Girl
  3. Bedspread
  4. My Darling
  5. I am

My Rating: 10/10

This is my favourite release after their first Album. Ommo all the tracks are just amazing.

1:Honey – After play it repetitively, I start to like this. The beat is so happy. Nicole’s narration is standard.XD. I just like the way they sing “ Honey..Honey..”

ohh good!

2:Pretty Girl – It’s a bubble track. Very catchy and so sweet. I absolutely love this one first. After hear it then I tried another tracks. I like Seunghyeon part. She is really good in singing. Gyuri sang good too but she has a weird accent. XD,. Previously, I would think that she has a good English accent because of her face that showed a spain face but she is so Korean. Haha.. her accent can’t hided. The other also pronounced the english weird in the chorus. I clearly heard like “Purety Girl” or “Purichi Gal” in the first. Just when I tried the lyric, the word “Pretty Girl” showed on it. Haha… I feel bad that they just forced it onto the melody. In the end it still heard good.

3:Bedspread –  It’s like a cute song in the livestock. Haha.. Yoleiyolei..

4:My Darling – The intro is not attracted but when I followed into the chorus, it’s knock down. I really can get into the song. It sound really good. A right stuff for the girl. I really like it. They harmonized it well.

5:I Am – It’s a sweet ballad. They showed a good vocal ability in the soft and high pitch. Wondering them. This last track just completed the mini album into the word “Perfect”. I definitely love all the tracks.

credits: Makikawaii

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