[Single] Zhang Li Yin – TIMELESS


Title: Timeless
Artist: Zhang Li Yin & Xiah Junsu
Release: 2006.09.09
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 19 MB


1.Timeless (feat. Xiah Junsu) [MF] [MU]
3.Timeless (instrumental)
4.Y(Why…) (instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10

It’s a perfect debut and the best duet. First time to heard it, I never gess that Li Yin is younger than Junsu, she looked older. Haha.. Compared her voice with Junsu, it’s a good dedication. They can reach the high note in a good way without ruin it or false. I adore Zhang Li Yin so much.

~*Timeless: It’s just a Korean version of Kelly Clarkson feat. Justin Guarini – Timeless. That hell SM just steal a fame by import a good song and remix it by the genius composser. It’s not fair, eventhough they produce a better version than the original. Feel bad to that SM, I just adore Zhang Li Yin’s vocal ability. She can reach a good high note without ruin it or false. The bridge when they sang “Yeaaaahhh….”and they turn to the chorus again is just a part that I like to sing. Hahhaha..I do wonder with their high note duet. And that Kim Jun Su, how do I say again?..He is a perfection, right! XD

~*Why: Hmmm.. an import song again. Gahhh that hell! They just lucky because have a talented singer, unexcepted Zhang Li Yin. She still done the song with her version. It’s kinda classic song with a elegan backing vocals and retarded singing type. Still quite weird to hear her accent. Yeah, her Chinese accent heard in a clear way. But she is a good singer. A high note expert. Haha..Lol

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