[Mini Album] Taegoon – 2nd Mini Album RISING STAR

taegoon rising star album pic1

Title: The 2nd Mini Album “Rising Star
Artist: Taegoon
Release: 2009.05.13
Language: Korean
Size: 32.16 MB


01. Intro (feat. Hyuk Sung Of Space Cowboy, Kim Yeo Hee)
02. Superstar (feat. Nassun)
03. Bye Bye
04. As Insignificant As You
05. Call Me (Remix) (feat. H-Eugene)

My Rating: 9/10
I finger was trembled when I typed the rating. XD I really can’t decide how to rate it. His music was improved day by day. Just like this 2nd mini album that of course better than his last debut mini album. But surely, Superstar doesn’t top CALL ME. I would like the intro. A girl sound on it and she still sound good. The track 4 really show his voice clearly. And then….. the top peak of this mini album. Proudly present….CALL ME (Remix). Ommona!!! It’s a good remix. I play it survivally and then I’m going melted. Haha..

credits:makikawaii’s journal

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