[Album] Tohoshinki – T


T (2DVD+2CD)

Title: T

Artist: Tohoshinki

Release Date: 2008.01.23

Conductor: AVEX Trax

Language: Japanese

Total Size: 212 MB


CD 1


02. NO?

03. Purple Line

04. Forever Love

05. Summer Dream

06. Ride on


08. Lovin’ you

09. Rainbow



12. CLAP!

13. Love in the Ice

14. Together *bonus track*

*CD only Bonus Track*

14. Forever Love -a capella version-

15. Lovin’ you -Haru’s ‘deep water’ mix-

CD 2

01. Song for you

02. Day Moon ~Harudaru~

03. Beautiful Life

04. You’re my miracle

05. Kiss Shita Mama Sayounara

My Rating: 10/10

This is my favourite Japanese album ever. They use a lot of new improvement and they sound more gentle ^___^. Quite awkward to post it since it is including in 3 version. GEEz..the rabid fan would buy the three version of course.


The first disc is the main idea, right! I would say that I love Purple Line, Ride On, Darkness Eyes, NO!, Last Angel, Forever Love, Summer Dream, Clap and Love In The Ice the most. Woww.. I almost mention all the songs contain of it. Wkkwkkk..

:CD Only Bonus Track:

I really love “LOVIN’ YOU” ~deep water mix~. The deep water sound really unique and the rhythm is so nice. I much prefer this version than the original version. But why it took it so long duration,doesn’t it just make people bored with it quickly. Hmmm… Ok!

:CD 2:

One of my best finding would be Kiss Shita Mama Sayounara. Feel Jae’s scream in the end just make me to widen my mouth into “O” shape. Ommo!

credits: sinariee

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