[Single] SNSD – In The New World


Title: In The New World

Artist: Girls` Generation (SNSD)

Release: 2007

Conductor: SM Entertainment

Language: Korean

Size: 20.8 MB



  1. In The New World
  2. Beginning
  3. Perfect For You
  4. In The New World [instrumental]

My Rating: 9/10

1.In The New World – Truthfully I don’t like this song in the first time. That’s just because I’m not used to cute style before, but these girls gave a good dancing stuff in their performance of this song. That’s when I start to like this track.

2.Beginning – This is really different. It’s rock. Tiffany sound well with her English line. I like this. Taeyeon sound so old. XD But her “oh oh oh” in the first is a good backing. It will be so good to hear them always release a song like this, just like Way To Go or HaHaHa. Love their school-rock stuff.

3.Perfect For You – They changed the title into “HONEY” in their First Album. Surely, I like the “Perfect For You” line and Taeyeon sang that line in a soft voice. I like this song. The chorus really grow on me well. Overall, this is a great debut.

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